Healthy Skin Tip: Avoid pore clogging and oily cosmetics when fighting the battle against acne. These types of products can create an environment on your face conducive to break outs, and cause flare ups to become worse when they do happen. Instead, choose products labeled as "non-comedogenic," "hypo-allergenic," or "oil-free," which can help you to avoid those adverse reactions and skin irritations.

In todays video we are taking about the WORST foundations for oily skin! If you have oily skin, enlarged pores or your foundation gets shiny after a few hours – these are the foundations that you want to AVOID!!

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  1. Lol most of the foundations you mentioned aren’t targeted for oily skin, most again that you mentioned are mean’t for people with dry skin and anyone who watches a lot of reviews knows that. Maybe you should do a video on foundations that are actually targeted for oily skin but really don’t work.

  2. Bought a bottle of Estee lauder double wear. Love it. This one and the KVD are my two faves. I agree with the Born This Way foundation. Made me look really oily

  3. I have tried most of the foundations you mentioned, and all of them didn’t work for me either. I hate that I have such oily skin! lol

  4. Could you please do a review on the L’Oréal pro glow? I’ve heard it can still work for oily skin 😊

  5. Has anyone seen her talk about the wunderbrow product. it’s great for oily skin girls. it stays all day but not 2 or 3 days on me. very natural look

  6. I don’t have oily skin, but the loreal Lumi is horrible. It separates oddly after a few hours of wear causing it to look patchy and spotty.

  7. Thank you for this video! I have been wanting to try the Born this Way foundation but I have decided against it because of my oily skin. Love you all the way from Florida! 🙂

  8. Nikkia, thank you for the review on these products, however have you done a review on the UD NAKED SKIN One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector?? If not, would you be willing to help an oily sister out, by giving us your opinion on how you felt about this product and if you would recommend it?. Much love from an oily sister and the 🇺🇸!!💕

  9. Maybe You Should Buy Stuff For Your Oily Skin, All The Products Your Mentioning Are For Dry Skin. Just Saying

  10. Nikkia, I’ve been really curious to know which concealers you would suggest are the best for oily skin. My skin is insanely oily and no matter what products I buy it won’t stay matte all day. I’ve been taking your advice from your videos, but I still can’t seem to figure out why my makeup is rubbing off so bad around my nose.

    I use a moisturizer from Mario Badescu made specifically for oily skin. I also use the Smashbox Photo Finish Oil-free primer and the L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation, so I know I’m using the right primer and foundation for my skin type. I’m currently using the Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape concealer and the oil on my nose is still making my makeup rub off. HELP!! I don’t know what to do. I really want my skin to stay matte, but it seems impossible for me to achieve it 🙁

  11. I have a very oily skin, and of course an oily eyelid, very oily. I can’t find the right eyeliner that can sit long on my eyelid since they will smudge or even wipe out from my eye. And I can’t not wearing eyeliner when I’m going out.

  12. Laura Mercier and Laneige whitening BB cream my favorite for oily skin, can mix also in separate container for nicer color. Use Murad stick to dot on pimples as concealer its surelly hide the redness and inflamation.

  13. Actually I wore the born this way foundation while being a marathon volunteer this November. I wore it since 3 am to about 2 pm and my skin didn’t look oily at all whatsoever, which i found really strange since I have oily/combination skin and I also suffer with acne. Usually it gets kinda oily but not too much (at least on me). Idk if it matters, but before applying foundation I wash my face and apply a mattifying primer (like the mufe step 1 with the green tint).

  14. I’m so glad I watched this video. There was seriously like 3-4 of the high end foundations that was about to get.

  15. Hi Nikkia! Great video. This will totally help me. I’m curious… have you or anyone here tried the La Mer foundation?

  16. Have you tried the Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue? It is the new Chanel foundation with the updated color range. I found this to be a great mattifying foundation during the summer time here in the US.

  17. I have super oily skin and recently bought the Estée Lauder foundation that you’ve recommended, as well as the Rimmel primer. I’m in love!! I had been using Bare Minerals for the longest time, which does okay but not that great (although it was much improved with that Rimmel primer). Not anymore! I’m so so happy with the Estée Lauder foundation, so thank you thank you thank you!! Sending love and appreciation from Florida, USA 😍😘❤☺️

  18. I’m pretty oily in my t-zone but it’s not super bad, do you think the Too Faced born this way foundation would work for me?

  19. I’m dying cuz my holy grail the Estée Lauder is lately letting my oils come thru ! …. HELP OILY SKIN GIRLS ! I love the fusion ink it stays forever on my skin and I love the consistency. Funny how our skin is similar and different 😊 love your videos !

  20. I have oily skin but are dry in certain places I WOULDNT recommend the :
    Kat von d full coverage foundation ( I despise this fucking foundation so much)
    Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage foundation ( it’s alright except separates on my forehead even after powder)
    Too faced born this way (as mentioned )
    on the hunt for a good foundation please help.

  21. I have dry skin and the too faced born this was was horrible on me! It applied so beautiful after 2 hours it broke down on my skin and was super patchy 😩

  22. I am a new subscriber after seeing your pore minimizing video! So good! I used to be so oily, but as I age, I’ve found my skin is getting drier. Pores are still large, though. Can’t win! Thanks for all your tips, you are amazing!