Why Do I Have Oily Skin When I Wake Up?

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Why do I have oily skin when I wake up?

Part of it is normal bodily functions. Your body lubricates its skin whether you are awake or asleep, you only notice it more because you’ve been out of it for eight hours.

It seems worse when I wake up than if I’ve been out and about all day.

Are you sleeping with too many layers? If you go to sleep under too many blankets, you’ll get sweaty overnight.

I’m cold when I go to bed.

If you warm up and get cold again, you are over-wrapped. Your body starts to sweat to cool off, and you get chilly again.

I never would have thought of using fewer blankets to feel warmer.

But it will mean less oily, sweaty skin in the morning.

Why else might it be so oily?

I’m assuming you don’t have wet pets sharing your bed.

I’d kick them out. And I certainly wouldn’t have wet dog in my face more than a few moments. Let’s try another avenue.

Are you applying moisturizers at night that you don’t need? Using moisturizers to prevent puffy eyes or sagging skin you don’t need creates oily skin.

But taking hot showers and applying makeup removes essential protective oils.

So take a warm shower when you wake up instead of a hot shower at night that strips the oils away.

Then you wash away the oils before you start the day.

Are you washing all the shampoo and conditioners out of your hair? If the conditioners aren’t fully removed from your hair, it can leave an oily residue on your scalp.

I’m not using that many hair care products. Why would you assume that’s the case?

Some women use so many conditioners and herbal hair treatments that it overdoes it. Or it even drips down from the hair to the scalp.

Could not washing your hair make my skin oily?

Your forehead, yes. The rest of your face, not really.

Maybe I ought to try less makeup and see how that goes.

They always say, less is more.

Especially when it comes to advice.

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  1. Things got frosty at the end! Less is more. Especially when it comes to advice! Overall this video is just strange. Why are they in a bedroom? Note that it’s a man informing a women and that she is sitting down while he is standing up #powerstructure

  2. if you have oily skin don’t apply moisturizer we don’t need it..if your drinking water everyday then your skin shouldn’t be dry.. and use Raw honey for dry skin..think about it,if your using dirty tap water to clean your face then your going to end up breaking out and having oily skin.

  3. I used products all my life and all it did was break me out and made my face more oily my husband hardly wash his face or put any moisturizer on and his skin is clear,he told me to stop putting that crap on my skin..if you use moisturizer use a little bit because the rest sits on top of the skin and clogs the pores.