Turmeric Mask Results – Turmeric Face Mask for Oily Skin | Before and After

Hey guys! today I'll be showing you a turmeric face mask I've been using for the last two days I've been doing a lot of research online a lot of people seem to love this mask if you want to see more tutorials like this one be sure to hit subscribe now let's get started! first I'm going to add 3 parts honey if you got honey like this, be sure to heat it up just don't heat it up too long like i did *laughs* yesterday Ok, then I'm going to add three parts of turmeric powder If you want to see the full benefits of this turmeric mask & turmeric mask results head over to our website HealthyThor.

Com Lastly, I'm going to add a little bit of milk just to reduce the thickness a little bit also, milk is great for softening your skin now we just mix it up for a little bit and we should be ready to apply the turmeric mask Ok, so I can see adding the milk has helped a lot as it's not as thick as it was yesterday I can also notice a pretty strong smell from the turmeric before i apply the mask i will warn you: if you don't wear some type of gloves, like this one and you touch the turmeric powder your fingernails will actually turn yellow unless that's your thing, put on your glove let's get started applying the turmeric face mask for oily skin ok, so you apply the turmeric mask just like any normal mask I have noticed my mask seem to be more orange than the masks I have seen on blog posts, and on the internet ok, so I'll leave the turmeric face mask on untill it dries up about 20 or 30 minutes i suggest you don't make the mask too thick as it will take forever to dry up ok, I'll see you in a bit Ok, so about half an hour has passed since I put on the turmeric face mask I can notice it's slightly more runny now that I added the milk than it was earlier but still a great improvement I'd say with the milk Ok, I'll go wash off the mask, and I'll get back to you Wow, I feel like I just got a spray tan or something! Jeesus I'm gonna go try.

to wash it off.

one more time with some hot water I'll get back to you Woo! Ok! The second wash seemed to help a lot I can see I still got some yellowness around my eyebrows I'll go fix that later Overall I'd say this was a great mask it left my skin soft and nice it seems to reduce some redness and flight my acne I'll continue to use this for at least a full week and I'll write a full report up on my website: HealthyThor.

Com I'll leave a link in the description be sure to check that out If you want to see more tutorials like this, be sure to hit subscribe! And I will see you next time! :-).

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