Touch Up Products For Oily Skin! Clean And Cear Oil Absorbing Sheets And Laura Mercier Powder Review

Healthy Skin Tip: To best handle acne, the first step is understanding. There are several different types that can be caused by hormones, genetics, or brought on by stress and/or infection. While over-the-counter topical treatments are accessible to most and may work for some acne sufferers, it's still important to address the cause as well. Seeing a dermatologist can be very helpful.
I have super oily skin, like no one else I’ve ever seen. As well, my skin is “acne prone”. Two of my favorite products are Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing sheets and Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Setting Powder. Used together really helps ward off the oil. As you notice, I am concealing acne scars and these products don’t remove the concealer.

Links to the products below:
Clean and Clear Sheets:

Laura Mercier Powder:

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  1. @14h39 Thanks! Glad that you found it helpful! I am constantly in search for products to help my oily skin. I am currently on the hunt now for some primer that helps absorb some oil…Will do a review of primers at some point. Thanks for watching!

  2. @jastea Hmm…no my dermatologist never told me not to blot. I was just at the derma last week having a conversation about my oiliness. My oily skin is something I have dealt with my entire life. The derma suggested last week I add a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash to my regular wash (mix) I also picked up OC8 mattifying gel there. An option she suggested was a prescription drug but I took a pass on it. What reason did your Dr. give you for not wanting you to blot?

  3. You should try Calcium Bentonite Clay. It sucks it right up, the oil, it’s so healthy you can eat it as well. I imagine it’s just like those powders, but I have had oily skin, for so long, not sure how it would work if you have makeup under it, but it’s amazing!

  4. You should try the Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish with Microsponge® Technology. He products are amazing.

  5. @sickcrabbybill I don’t know if the sheets actually help breakouts, but they may because you are removing oil off your face that might be causing breakouts. Acne is one of those things that depending on person can be caused by hormones, cosmetics, not washing good enough. My acne seems to be hormonally driven but I notice less breakouts when I am washing and keeping up with my skincare regimen well..

  6. Wow, you have extremely oily skin. It doesn’t seem like you have many breakout, which is good for your type of skin

  7. omg i didn’t know blotting helped this much! i’m like super oily so i need to get some haha

  8. I know how you feel pixiemama5000 my skin acts the same way! Clean and clear oil blotting tissues helps. Please let me know if you have other suggestions like mineral powders that help out exes oil on the face.

  9. @Davylp I’m really curious to try this out… I have a tub of it in powder form that I use for face masks, but I becer thought of using it as a face powder… How do you apply it?

  10. I tried some oil blotting sheets with supposed green tea in them and I realized that they made me breakout because I used them all over and im breaking out all over. This is why I don’t trust anything new. I break out for seems like everything. At night I cleanse and use witch hazel as toner then coconut oil for moisturizing. In the am I cleanse and use more coconut oil but I lightly rinse after as to remove a little oil becaise it also has sun protection. Makeup is a no no but I use -continued

  11. I use everyday mineral powder foundation on entire face and its the only foundation that doesn’t make me break out all others powders ive tried made me break out especially neutrogena “acne clearing” makeup, severely. I stopped eating foods with sugar, white flour/carbs and dairy. On occasion maybe every two weeks I eat a mozzarella cheese stick or gluten free or whole wheat carbs but I lost weight and my face got better.

  12. If you use does sheets while wearing make up does the makeup come off too ?? or just the oil ?? @pixxiemama5000

  13. I blot my face everyday when I go to lunch at school. mid day is when my oils have built up and decide to come to the surface. for me blotting can mean the difference between looking good and looking a hot mess

  14. Thanks so much for posting. I too have extremely oily skin that in my mind, is the worst in all of the world. I just started using the strips and I love them. Another thing I use from sephora is the high definition powder. You’re better able to control how much goes on your face I find.

  15. I use these because my face started getting really oily…but what I’ve noticed is the more I use them the more severe my oil problem gets…….

  16. hye there…great vid, was eager to watch reviews on the Laura Mercier’s powder u featured here…i’m a guy and if i blot my face it’ll be 5 sheets of the blotting films…gross but yeah, story of my life…i used the Za Cosmetics ones cause they’re made of paper, same like Bobbi Brown’s only cheaper…thanks anyway!

  17. May I make a suggestion?
    Since your face is so oily, you might want to stay away from glossy lip glosses or lip sticks.
    Go for more matte lipsticks.
    You will look more polished.

  18. I would think it all depends on your skin. For me, I would say that it lasts maybe 2-3 hours or so? Give or take, but my skin is crazy oily so it could last longer for you. Thanks so much for your nice comment! 🙂