Top 5 Tips For Oily Skin

Healthy Skin Tip: Keep your make up fresh and clean. Replace the sponges and brushes that you use to apply make up to your face often and do not touch the make up inside of it's case and apply it to your face. If you must do that put the make up on a plate or another surface and then apply.
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Menscience – Facial Cleansing Mask £25:
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  1. em wrong video? 😛 you mean the NY video right? well i agree with you except i think if its designer he loves he should wear them as its his passion and what he likes :’) but its true to be more effortless and casual while still looking good,i liked their looks 🙂

  2. I’ve had oily skin for as long as I can remember, and the absolute best trick I’ve learned is using milk of magnesia — it absorbs oil all day with just a thin layer. The clay mask Jimmy mentioned is also wonderful to use occasionally. But use the milk of magnesia!! Cleansers/blotting paper will only remove the oil for a bit until you produce more… the MoM will control it the whole day.

  3. Interesting, I’ll have to look into some of these.

    I’ve heard using a light cleanser with oil will actually cleanse oily skin better than oil-free cleanser since oil and water don’t mix. Also, if you completely strip your skin, it over compensates by making more oil. D: Why can’t anything be simple?

  4. It can be so easy, rly. Better than most products is normal honey, or just oil of some sort. Almond or olive – doesn’t matter. Quite ironic.

  5. Jim, not sure how possible this is, but mind doing a review or comparison between Anthony’s Instant Fix Oil Control vs Kyoku Oil Control Lotion? I love Anthony’s Instant Instant Fix Oil Control, but I just want to know which one is better

  6. So that’s what blotting paper is, i got it like 3 years ago, it had no instructions, I generally thought it was some kind of tracing paper 😛

  7. ADVICE PLEASE!! My boyfriend does NOT have oily skin but he is super scared of getting acne so he is constantly rinsing his face off with cold water I’d say, 15 times a day and then he will wake up in the middle of the night and rinse off too. And he is terrified of warm or hot showers/steam. He takes ice cold showers and just stands in it with his face under the water. AND he never moisturizes.

    Is this good or bad?

  8. I have oily skin as well. Another great product that works is the Vichy Normaderm facial wash..works really well!