Top 5 Makeup Tips For Oily Skin – Nicole Cudzilo

Healthy Skin Tip: Do not use straws in your drinks. Straws seem to make some drinks more fun and taste better, but using straws habitually makes you overuse certain muscles in your face that tend to crease you skin repeatedly in the same places. This is exactly how wrinkles are formed.
Do you have oily skin and always get messed up with your makeup? If yes, then watch out the top 5 makeup tips for oily skin by our makeup and beauty expert Nicole Cudzilo.

Video Transcription:

– Hello everyone. My name is Nicole Cudzilo from nicolemariemakeup.com and I am a professional makeup artist and beauty blogger. Today I’m collaborating with Consumer Health Digest to bring you guys my five top tips for makeup on oily skin, so keep watching.

– Tip one is to prep your skin correctly. A big misconception with oily skin is that you can skip moisturizer all together. That is completely untrue. The skin will start producing more oil to combat any dryness if you’re not giving your skin the proper moisture. Oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, everybody needs moisturizer, it’s just important to find the right one for you. For oily skin I suggest using a gel or water-based moisturizer, those are very lightweight in texture and won’t make your skin look or feel more greasy. As long as it says oil-free and is one of those textures you’ll be perfectly fine.

– Tip two: Using a primer before your foundation will help extend the longevity. Look for an oil-free mattifying primer and apply it to the areas that you get the most shiny. Whether it’s in the center of the forehead, over the nose, the chin, wherever that you find yourself getting oily is where you should apply the primer. You want to press and pat it into the skin and let it sit before you apply any foundation.

– Tip three: Make sure you’re choosing the correct foundation for your skin type. You want to avoid anything that says luminous, dewy, glowy, because you already have enough of that going on yourself. Look for something that says mattifying and oil-free. You also don’t want to apply a ton of foundation with oily skin because it can separate more quickly and look cakey and clumpy on you faster. Once you find your correct foundation formula, apply it using a damp sponge in patting motions. This will help you from applying too much all at one time and it’ll keep your foundation looking smooth and it’ll be less likely to break up during the day.

– Tip four: Powder using a powder puff. This might be one of the most important tips of all. Powder is definitely important and everybody knows that for oily skin but I find so many women powder incorrectly. If you are powdering to try to keep your foundation on longer, you can’t just use a brush and dust it over the skin. It’s going to last you maybe for an hour or two and then it’s just going to all dissolve. What you need to do is get a powder puff and you’re going to press it into the powder itself and then press and roll it onto your skin. This is going to make sure that it locks in your foundation and that it sets it for the entire day. It’ll leave a little bit extra powder than just what a dusting would do so it’ll help absorb the oil as it builds up on your skin throughout the day. Keeping a powder puff and a powder compact with you also helps you for touch-ups.

– Tip five: Set with a setting spray. Setting sprays are super helpful, they’re not heavy and they’re really long-lasting. You want to mist the face after you’re all done and that will help lock in your makeup. You can find specific mattifying versions to help lock in the makeup and keep your skin shine-free all day. I hope that you guys enjoyed my five tips and visit my website nicolemariemakeup.com and my blog nicolemariemakeup.blogspot.com and Consumer Health Digest for more beauty tips.

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Note: This video is a part of joint collaboration between Consumer Health Digest and Nicole Cudzilo.


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