Tips for oily skin, by Natasha | Dove

I guess I first noticed I had oily skin when I was a teenager, 13 something like that, when you start to notice how much more about how you look on the outside, make comparisons with other people and I sort of felt that my skin was really oily.

I absolutely love this product because actually it does everything that i need, it smells kind of like a fresh spring morning so it's got this cucumber and green tea scent to it.

It's really good for oily skin so it makes you feel really refreshed and removes all of the oils that you have but without taking them away because it's got the quarter moisturizing cream and I just use it across the whole of my body even my face and then just rinse it off it's that simple really quick.

As a new mother, it's really important to have products that are really quick to use so I think my products have reduce massively.

There's still a drawer full but there's one I take into the shower and I want that to clean my skin, make me feel fresh, smell good and leave it hydrated and moisturized.

I think if you feel confident within you look confident but you know also important is your skin kind of looking looking fresh and feeling feeling good and glowing and just feeling really healthy.

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