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Today I will be giving you some tips for oily skin.

I am not an expert but obviously I've had this skin for a long time and I've learned some tips and tricks here and there that really helped me and I want to share that with you.

It is very important to use first no matter your skin type, but we want something for oily skin controlling the brightness.

This the Porefessional Benefit, obviously is very good.

I have the mini version.

Also I have this Hard Candy First, Sheer Envy.

One thing with primers, you can not apply all over your face.

Now in the nose, I do not like to place first in my nose because this It is the area most fat all over my face, is I fall within an hour.

Oil production because it vanish.

In my nose corrector use, Use the LA Girl Pro Conceal in color "Fawn".

I start with my color correction, before putting the base put it on the tip of my nose.

And then I come to put myself base.

Also when I use my loose powder I focus on this area, I put a lot of dust in my nose.

Once you finished the day to remove my makeup I just take a washcloth to makeup (which prefer) And micellar water to clean.

With any makeup remover towel, you have on hand The Neutrogena are my favorite but you have are fine.

And this usually only use one.

What I do here is to try to remove as much makeup as you can from my face.

Then I take my micellar water and cotton so I remove any remaining, particularly in my eyes and all over my face.

So I make sure to remove all.

Once I take off all makeup I come and Use a cleanser for my face.

That will depend on how my skin What use every day Skin is the Active, Clean + pore purifyng, 2 to 1.

This can also be used as a clay mask but I use it to detoxify my skin.

It is a daily cleaner.

Has clay and coal so it's good to remove impurities, It is free of oils and it is very important because with this oily skin do not want more oil in it.

When I have an emergency scenario my skin is disastrous I use my cleaner Mario Badescu For acne, it is for combination and oily skin.

Today I'll use this cleaner Mario Badescu because my skin is unleashed and much acne has appeared and yes, this is my favorite to use when my skin is misconduct product.

Only use a small amount.

Then what I do, regardless of whether my skin is good or bad, I always use is an exfoliant.

Walgreens is is control redness and blackheads.

For this I will use a small amount but enough to exfoliate my face also only use the last 3 fingers or the index and thumb because those fingers apply too much pressure and when exfoliate we want to be soft and delicate not to hurt the skin or cause any damage.

These are steps I always follow remove makeup, always, cleanser and exfoliant and then humectant.

any regular moisturizer, I love this, I use it every morning.

This is the Clean & Clear Morning Burst.

I would like moisturizing gel I do not like creams because they are a bit heavy for oily skin.

That's not the only thing I have, also I have this Badescu Mario oil-free moisturizer, specifically for oily skin.

Every week, probably, I use my cleaner as a mask.

This works as both.

Remove my makeup and immediately after I put on a mask.

This use it almost every week I have other masks depending on how you feel my skin I have this moisturizer Shea this is African Black Soap and clarifier sludge.

It is prone to eruption skin.

When my skin reddens slightly Use this mask.

It smells so good.

If I feel my skin It is behaving a little worse then increase my level and use this clay beauty of Provence, Red clay.

This is for oily and acne-prone skin.

Mix it with a little water I put it all over my face, let it dry and then I remove.

If I feel I need more I do this as once every two weeks Use the Glam Glow Power Mud, dual cleaning treatment this is supposed to exfoliate your skin besides being a mask.

Smells something like kiwi, I have a small version I do not need much, it is also well expensive.

It works pretty well, actually.

If I feel that my skin is horrible that I have too many black spots I need to clean my skin deep Then I'll use my BioAqua skin care, clay mask and bubbles.

This is evil It is not for sensitive skin, really it is not for sensitive skin.

Now this is the routine that eligiré today because my skin has been reacting too I will take enough of this, I will apply all over my face and I hope that the bubbles begin which happens quite fast, You feel a slight burning, but worth it because I really deeply cleanses your skin.

Now I will return and will place some moisturizer I'll use my Mario Badescu moisturizer free of oil.

That way I can put some life back into my skin after that so aggressive mask, And, yes, those are my tips Oily Skin I hope this video will help them if you liked my video give me a good "Like" I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, a wonderful day and a wonderful life.

And I'll be more than happy to see you in my next video.


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