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HI! So.

that was horrible, but anyways my [chuckles],my name is Bianca and I'm going to be talking today about what I do for skincare and a littlebit of tips that I've learned over the years, and my skin is acne-prone, oily it's alreadygetting oily right here; and it's also a little bit sensitive.

So, yeah.

I'm gonna be talking about the products thatI use as my skincare a lot of which are actually pretty natural, I guess.

And yeah.

Let's get into the video.

If it's at night and I've been wearing make-upall day or even if I'm not wearing make-up all day and my skin is like really oily, sweaty,dirty, or whatever, then I will use this Cleansing Mi-I don't know how to say it-Micellar? Micellar Water from the brand Simple, it'sone of my favorite brands actually.

It's kind to skin, doesn't have a lot of likereally harmful chemicals.

It's still not like organic or anything, butit's pretty good and it's pretty cheap.

I got it at Walgreens.

Anyway so I have it here, it's like halfway-halfwaythrough but I also have some of it here in this little spray bottle because I recentlywent on a trip to Florida to visit my dad and I took it on this little bottle.

And I actually like to spray it on, I don'tknow why.

And I also forgot to mention, like, beforeI used the Micellar Cleansing Water.

Cleansing MIcellar Water? okay just ignore me.

Before I started using it, I used to use likefrom the same brand I used to use Make-Up Removing Wipes and also from Neutrogena likeMake-Up Remover Wipes so you could also use that.

But right now this is like my favorite.

Okay, so the next step is Cleansing.

Obviously, you have to cleanse your face whetherit's the morning or night and what I like to use is right now my favorite cleanser isactually a soap, it's-it doesn't look very pretty but it's African Black Soap which Ialso got at Walgreens, it's from Shea Moisture, it has Shea Butter and it's for acne-proneskin, oily skin, troubled skin, people with eczema, and all that stuff, so that's prettygood.

And also before I was using that one, I wasusing this one from Dessert Essence, it's a thoroughly clean face wash for oily andcombination skin.

It has EcoHarvest Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhiwhich I have no idea what that is but it's really good.

It's liquid-y as you can see, and you justlike spray it on your hand, rub it together.

It gets very foamy, and then you rub it onyour face.

It is vegetarian or vegan, it's gluten-free,it's cruelty-free, it's a recyclable bottle, and the formula is biodegradable.

So those are like my two, those have beenmy two favorite cleansers for the past few weeks/months since like August 2016 and yeah,they're really good.

They're not too harsh on the skin but I'vedefinitely seen improvement with both of them and that's saying a lot because I've use alot of different cleansers from like Neutrogena, Proactiv, all of those different "acne-helping"brands.

Next product.

This is another product that I use both atmorning and at night, it's seriously-again from one of my favorite brands, from Simple,it's a soothing facial toner, it's so so nice, I love it, it's completely alcohol-free, againkind to skin, doesn't have any harsh chemicals, and I used to use it with like a cotton padthing, and now, since I went on the trip to Florida, I've been using it again on thislittle spray bottle I wrote toner there.

I actually like to spray it better, I justspray it on my face and then I spread it a little bit with my fingertips, obviously withclean hands.

And just in case, another one that I was usingbefore which I haven't actually finished is the Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner which isactually pretty good as well.

And it's not really harsh on skin and it doesn'tleave it like oily but it doesn't dry it out either.

Next thing would be exfoliator, which shouldonly be done like once or twice a week.

For me, like my favorite time to exfoliateis usually at the beginning of the week, like, on Sunday or maybe Monday, depending on howbusy I am or any of that stuff, but I don't really have like an actual exfoliating cleanserright now, but what I've been using is this Konjac Sponge, it's 100% natural, pH balancedand it's biodegradable, and it leaves the face feeling like super super super soft,and it's for all skin types.

This is what it looks like, I don't know ifyou can see it well.

It's soft but it's good for exfoliation.

But again, you should only do it like onceor twice a week, depending on your preference.

By the way, the Konjac Sponge I got at HomeGoods.

Okay so another product that I use only atnight is this Maracuja Oil it's by Tarte Cosmetics, so this one is a little more expensive, it'sa really small bottle.

Here's the box.


My nails are horrible, please don't judge.

It says Maracuja Oil, tarte cosmetics.

It's supposed to help skin look rejuvenatedand renewed, and it's supposed to also reduce fine lines, wrinkles and help skin textureimprove.

It has zero parabens, mineral oils.

I just use like 3 drops on the palm of myhands and rub them, then I like do this on my face.

And again, only at night.

I usually do this once a week, like, on Fridays,Saturdays or whenever I want to pamper myself, and it's Sheet Masks, you can see them righthere, these are the ones I'm using right now, but I really just buy whichever brand or maskI see that I like.

So this one I got from–well, my mom actuallybought them for me as a gift–but they're from Macy's, but I think they're also in Searsor something like that.

It's from the brand Naturally Upper Canada.

It's a Korean Beauty Secret.

I think that's where I learned about them,from like Korean beauty YouTubers and Korean dramas.

But anyway this pack includes five masks,and they're really nice.

There's like one for detoxification, I alreadyused that one, that was the first one I used.

There's an anti-aging one, there's a soothingone, there's a calming one, and there's an energizing one.

They're mostly made with a lot of naturalingredients, for example Cucumber, Green tea, Pomegranate, Honey Nectar, Vitamin C, etc.

,so you just use this like once a week, you put them on your face, obviously, and leavethem on for like 15 ish, 20 minutes, and then you take it off, you just pat your face alittle bit and that's it, and trust me it really helps.

It can make a difference.

And another thing that I use like once a weekaround the same time, well, probably around the same time I use the mask, but I try notto do every thing everyday, for example one day I do exfoliation one day I do the mask,well the other thing is these new strips I got which are from SpaLife, they're Nose CleansingStrips, you just put them on your nose for 10 minutes, and then you remove them and they'resupposed to take out like clogged pores–well, not the pores but you know, oil and dirt andall that stuff that gets clogged in our pores around the nose area, as well as blackheads.

It's really nice because I get a lot of blackheadson my nose it's really annoying and probably the place where I get the most acne.

Anyway, the final product that I use, whichI don't know why is one of my fav–I know I say this about a lot of them but this islike one of my favorites–and it's the moisturizer, which I actually use not a moisturizer perse.

It's a vitamin E cream and it's one of myfavorite things ever, I've had different brands but one I've been using for the past like2 months maybe is from Cococare, it's super-rich formula, and it's supposed to be pretty natural.

It does have mineral oil, though.

Let's see if you can see.

It's white.

And I only have like less than half of thisleft, and this is 4 oz.

And I didn't actually get this at any easystore I guess.

I got it at a local store where I lived, it'scalled NatuCentro which is a healthy/vegan food and products store.

I don't think they have the exact same storein the US, so you can just look for like a drugstore version maybe like Walgreens.

I think there's a few good ones in Walgreensand Macy's and stores like that.

This really helps, and one of the things thisreally helps with actually is with removing acne scars, discoloration and redness, soI really love it.

Usually I just put some on my palms and rubit in an upwards motion, which is supposed to help combat wrinkles, I guess.

So, that's basically it.

Oh! A really good tip, really good tip is actuallyagain one of my favorite things, but I started sleeping like a month ago with a silk pillowcase–silkor satin? something like that, I think it's the samething but I'm not sure, I gotta check–but I got it at HomeGoods, again I love that storeso much.

I got it at HomeGoods.

I haven't even like washed it since I gotit which was like 3-4 weeks ago.

I need to wash it though.

But it's so so so soft and since I startedusing it whenever I wake up my skin feels like so soft, it's like such a huge differenceand I don't really get wrinkly from the pillowcase when I use the silk/satin one, and it costjust like $2 I think.

I seriously love that pillowcase so much,I just can't explain how amazing it makes your skin feel in the morning and actuallyit makes my hair as well feel super soft, it's amazing.

I definitely recommend you getting a silk/satingpillowcase if you want softer skin and hair.

But anyway, that was all for now.

Hopefully you could understand me throughoutthis video, I know I was talking pretty fast, I tend to talk pretty fast.

I hope you like this video– I look superfat in this angle, I don't know why.

I look like I have the biggest double-chinever, but anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video.


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