Skincare For Boys (acne Prone/oily Skin) (Super Easy!)

Healthy Skin Tip: Increase your vitamin A and beta carotene intake to help stop acne. Both of these nutrients, taken as supplements or eaten in foods which are high in their content, help to make skin healthier and strengthen your immune system. Try eating some cantaloupe and carrots, or kale and spinach, to get the levels you need to clear up your skin.
Hello my sunshines!
This time, I did a skincare routine for you young men out there.
I know you have been wanting a skincare routine for a long time.
I found that my brother could be a very good example for this.
He was very sick from flu and constant sneezing, but he still managed to film till the end.

As you can see, he has been breaking out pretty badly in this year, if you have watching my video where my brother did my makeup, he had very good skin, but now he is having a little problematic skin because he is growing up, becoming a young man so in this age, there is a high chance for having pimples and blemishes.
But if you take better care of your skin at this point, you will have less problems and also prevent from having extreme acne problem in your early 20s.

So all my young men out there, (I wont call you kids haha dont worry)
Please take good care of your skin, not everybody is lucky to have good skin genes, but you can make it better by taking better care early. Not only girls, but you too deserve to have nice skin.

Hope you find this video helpful.
If any questions, comment below.

Product used:
Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser (no bubbles) – Highly recommend
Bioglo Tea tree facial scrub (i love this)
Nature republic Aloe Vera Gel

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These are what worked for me, and are also what worked for many people according to some google researches.
If your skin has sever acne, very sensative skin, deep scaring etc. Then its better to visit a Skin Doctor.
Anything you do by seeing in the internet is all up on your risk.
I am just giving my honest tips.

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  1. I am in my 40`s and just started with adult acne. It got seriously bad!! I have never had acne in my life!! Soon after applying this acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) for 2 weeks, I notice visible results. It has been 2 months now and I have my confidence once again.

  2. Who r u guys parents?!!!!!!! U r both so beautiful inside and out. He seems like a good little brother and u seem to be a good big sister to him

  3. He is acting naughty .. using more tissues hehe. . brother sister …. love love love

  4. Or you can air dry your face. So your skin can be moist and hydrated. I stop using towel for three months and my skin feel so soft.

  5. i don’t know why i watched this but no regrets, i think i like your brother hahahahha.

  6. i was kinda hoping to see an end scene showing the result a few weeks later

  7. I am in my 40`s and just began with adult acne. It didn’t have any better. I have never had acne in my life!! After using this acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) for 2 weeks, I observe noticeable effects. It has been 2 months now and I have my self-confidence once again.