Skin Diagnosis And Treatment For An Oily/Dark Skin Tone

Healthy Skin Tip: For your diet, try not to have too much red meat or pasta. Carbs can have a serious impact on the formation of acne and can cause breakouts in a lot of people. Instead, choose a salad or a cold cut sandwich once in a while to give your skin a break.
Ryan McAllister gets a Facial Diagnosis and Treatment by Celebrity Aesthetician Nerida Joy.

Nerida Joy provides skincare tips and secrets collected from her 38 years experience working with A-list celebrities in order to educate and give you facts about how to care for your own skin.

Daily Home Care Regimen Should Be:

AM- Moisturizer containing a little glycol acid followed by a sunblock

PM-A mild retinol either in serum or cream form

Repeat everyday.

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  1. Another great video Mrs Joy !

    It really is a joy (get it ?) to see you are establishing a social media/YouTube presence. You are one of the top people in the industry and you can immediately tell how good you are just by looking at the rhythm of your hands.

    I am 20, I avoid sugar and processed carbohydrates (dairy not so much) and I do cleanse twice a day with a double cleanse at night, use AHAs/BHAs and sometimes Differin. Of course, I drink my water and take my supplements. I also use the LRP anthelios ultra light with a drop of facial oil mixed in every single day.

    Is adding oil to the suncreen good, or does it decrease it’s efficacy ? I find that it really makes the sunscreen settle well into my skin and removes any white casting.

    If you would be able to do so, what would you recommend for a younger skin ?

    Thank you so much for your videos. I am looking forward to the next one !

  2. Too bad im thousands of miles away from her. Id love to have an appoint with her.
    She is amazing. 🙂

  3. I would absolutely love to shadow you. I’m graduating from Paul Mitchell’s esthetics program this month. You are full of so much knowledge I have already learned so much more from you.

  4. Thankyou for this video it was very helpful ! I do have suffer from oily congested skin that is surface dry as I have been using cleansers that strip away making me feel too “clean”, I feel my skin is very clogged aswell as I have many whiteheads when I squeeze my forehead and black heads on my nose… I have been trying to incorporate microdermabrasion and retanolCould you please recommend a brand of cleanser/exfoliator/moisturiser to use ? As I have used so many and spent so much $$ with no luckI am 27 middle eastern olive skin female Looking forward to your reply ! Thankyou !

  5. i love to watch your videos💜💛💙❤ I learn so much from you!! please keep uploading videos😊

  6. phenomenal. his skin looked so much healthier in a few minutes of proper skin care. i wish i had found you 10 years and $50,000+ ago! i have just begun experimenting with what i have learned from your videos (retinol, aha, massage, non-foaming cleanser) a few days ago and already i’m seeing drastic improvement. i have been searching (spending!) for answers for so long..decades..just trying to get my skin to look normal..Joanna Vargas’ facial at her manhattan office was $200 for 30 minutes and the esthetician was only in the room with me 5 minutes. i know i have problem skin but i looked exactly the same afterwards. no improvement in the following week either. i decided then, if i dont get any results the first time, why invest 8 weeks etc.. thank you Nerida for sharing your knowledge and care! you are a breath of fresh air!