SKIN CARE TIPS – Oily, Dry Or Mixed Skin – Miracles Of Creams

Healthy Skin Tip: Lavender essential oil is a powerful tool in the fight against acne. It can be applied neat to the skin, meaning it does not have to be diluted with a carrier oil, although you can mix it with an oil like coconut, jojoba, or olive. Lavender is a very strong anti-bacterial and it helps to relieve pain. It also speeds up the healing process.
Secrets of creams nobody wants to tell you. I tryed to explain complexed things on a very easy and viewer friendly way. Creams can realy make your skin flawless but you need to know a lot to pick the right one.

Most of the creams contain emulsifiers, paraben and other harmful ingredients. Listen to what I am saying and remember one thing: More money, more music!

I will also talk about skin care products, creams with retinol, skin care routin for oily skin and I will give you lot’s of skin care tips.

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  1. Great informative video Mr.Jure :). I am so much into skincare that i had figured this scam of creams. Having dry skin could only moisturise for few hours and skin feels dry again.

  2. Lately, watching a video here on youtube about how Essential oils can change your skin texture dramatically got me into it and trust me for using differnt type of essential oils my skin is free from acne scarring and it is glowy and healthy than ever. Got few books and also going to get into field of aromatherapy. Its a miracle.

  3. Well… Oils can be very good on dry skin, because dry skin is usually missing oil. I find Jojoba oil most moisturizing for dry skin. But remember that oils are definitely not a long term solution. I think Tretinoine will do you most good! 😉

  4. wow Jure! I love your videos, got hooked watching them. Very informative and real. You are a blessing to women, thank you for sharing your knowledge to the world! Keep it up, looking forward to your future video posts!

  5. Waaaaaw! This is so lovely! 🙂 Thank you! Will do the best I can. You cheered me up big time because I just got an answer from Bobbi Brown that they found a better candidate. Eventhough I know so much about makeup I just can’t get a job. 🙁

  6. Hey Jure! LOVE your Videos, please do some more! So helpful and so much fun 🙂 Please tell me just one thing: how can i put on make up in the morning without washing my face before? o.O

  7. Yes, I am a sissy! Where’s my cream and chocolate bar? Nomnomnom…. ;D

  8. Very informative.!! Surprisingly I was never into cosmetics and using different creams for skin and since I researched a little about chemicals present in these creams no matter what claims they make they just push chemicals in blood stream through skin. I have grown up in a family where females use home and natural things on face. I use chick pea flour, yogurt and turmeric mix to wash face, abd i hardly need anything after this. Banana, honey face mask, egg white to tighten skin. Etc and I feel wonderful using these natural wonders we have. But I also use sunscreen for protection! 🙂 and yess low stress, healthy diet and gut, exercise all that is important which works holistically!

  9. What do you think of Paula’s Choice products? They make informative skincare videos. Please let me know your opinion! Look forward for a reply.

  10. Oh and I use Tretnoin cream in. 05% along with 8%aha daily. Should I continue doing this?

  11. Just found your channel today and I instantly subscribed. What an interesting thought! Thank you for sharing. I am completely agree of your suggestion on investing more to great quality foods and cut sugar/fat (this one is a little bit hard heheh), we benefit a lot from there for the overall health.

    I just started learning to take care of my skin and nowadays it is very easy to be exposed and also tempted to try new skincare products. Product endorsement, beauty influencer, beauty blogger, forum etc. can always change consumers’ minds within minutes. I am interested in how you lay the principles of thought in taking care of our skin instead of focusing on certain products. That said, cheers to toning, serum and protecting our skin!

    Please keep making videos, you are so fun and also insightful to watch!

  12. Anyway this is true… it happened to me a lot of time. My skin dries out fast. Every cream contains “paraffinium liquidium”. If you go to a drugstore you’ll see. Thank god i learnt chemistry in the uni. 😂