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Healthy Skin Tip: Acne is a common problem for people of all ages. If you are constantly waking up to another acne breakout or checking for blackheads, then you need to keep reading. Utilize these techniques to get on the road to a healthy, clear complexion.
Happy Monday! Thumbs up if you are struggling with the acne/oily prone skin like me #thestruggle

In this videozzz, I show you guys my skin care routine using my high end and low end skin care products. That way you can pick and choose on which products you prefer in case you are interested.

Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover:
Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes (similar):
The Face Shop Melting Cleanser:
Clairisonic Acne Collection:
SK II Toner:
Clean Face Mild Toner:
SK II Essence:
Clean Face Mild Lotion:
SK II Moisturizer:
Oil Free Control Essence:
Alba Acnedote Gel:
Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix:
Awesome Deals on Skincare at Sephora:

Comment below on what home remedy/products you know of that helps with acne really well! I needs it!!!!!

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My favorite brand of false eyelashes:
The lashes I’m wearing in this video is “Whispie Sweet Nothings”
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What I whiten my teeth with:
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  1. I’m recommending Burt’s Bees lip balm because it makes my lips SOOO smooth
    and ikr it’s nothing about the skin but yea..

  2. I just was my face with this blue clean & clear morning burst, exfoliate
    2-3 times a week, and drink A LOT OF WATER. I have no acne. I had, but now
    maintaining a clear face can be exhausting for a college student.

  3. My skin isn’t acne prone and isn’t oily but it is very dry, e45 works
    wonders for my skin because nobody wants to see crusty/dry skin with make
    up. Clearasil helps get rid of redness of spots and prevents them

  4. I hope this doesnt sound rude but putting too many products on your face
    will only irritate your skin. But if you spread out using the products
    through out the week then you may see better results.

  5. Acne is a symptom of a disorder that affects your whole body and manifests
    as acne find out more at HEREPA. com 

  6. i have questions, according to your routine, you put the acne spot product
    on the last moment, so then the next step is your foundation? and make up?
    what is better to put the acne spot product first or last like you did?

  7. Thanks Weylie! I love how you shared both high and low end product routines
    in this video. Do you see a very noticeable difference when you use high
    end v. low end products? What are some high end acne products that
    are/aren’t worth there price tag?

  8. I used the same face shop line for oily skin. But i only used the
    moisturizer and it is good. it doesnt makes my skin oilier it balances the
    oil on my face and moisturized it as well.

  9. You should try Ambi. It works great and I love it XD it doesn’t burn. I use
    basically the whole Even & Clear line.
    But if I were you I would start off with the exfoliating wash and daily
    moisturizer. I started of by sneaking some of my mom’s Ambi fade cream
    after about 2-3 days I look in the mirror and said “Weren’t those spot
    darker 2 days ago?!” I was really surprised. Even my friends noticed my
    skin XD Just give it a go 🙂 trust me
    You can buy it at any Wal-Mart.

  10. And it’s not only for people of color. It’s also for people who have
    different pigmentations. So it’s basically for everyone. You can even
    Google it if you like. If you have any questions just ask.

  11. I really want to get a clarisonic! Weylie, Where exactly did you buy yours?
    I know you can get them at most beauty stores but I just want to know! 🙂


  12. This is how I like cosmetic videos to be: efficient, not too much bla bla,
    good lighting and a person who doesn’t sound like the prom queen from a
    Lindsey Lohan movie. The way you chose to show each product was good, too.
    Your skin has a beautiful base to it, even with those minor imperfections
    that barely show. Well done!

  13. Weylie,
    You’re so funny! I love your videos so I just became a new subscriber!
    Thank you! 

  14. Hey my name is rivers and I was wondering if you could make a drugstore
    skin care routine or an updated skin care routine ?

  15. I used olay x pro regenist cleansing system but it make my acne worsen wat
    should I do should I continue???

  16. The ageing process is an uphill battle but with these suggestions it should
    be slightly easier