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Healthy Skin Tip: Shingles is a left over version of the chicken pox. If you find that you are one of the many that suffer from shingles, remember that shingles is contagious and the areas should be covered and do not let anyone touch the affected areas. Stress or extreme illness can trigger shingles.
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  1. Janah, hmm, i don’t like putting sunscreen on my nose, like kinabukasan, yung blackhead ko na naalis, anjan na naman. how do you deal with those things. err

  2. Hi, Maricarl! Were you wearing contacts in this video or this is your natural eye color? 🙂 I recently started using contacts (clear ones) like a month ago and I didn’t know you can wash your face with contacts on. Awesome vid. Love Strawberry milk shakes as well!

  3. I was wearing clear contact lenses that time I think coz if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to film without hitting the camera or something lol

  4. Oh dearie me! Same here, same here. Hahaha I’m practically blind without contacts or eyeglasses. Haha:)

  5. Hi Jana! I’d like to ask what do you think the best eye cream that we can buy here in the philippines? Lynette here from Cavite. c”,)

  6. I am in love with the Pure Beauty brightening eye cream. You can get it at Watsons! I want to get one so bad but it’s not available here.

  7. these product just break me out like crazy, i dunno why they do that to me and that is really sad!

  8. i stopped using them for a while, and then started using them again yesterday but without using the honey and oat face cleanser, and everything is fine now. no break out no dryness. I think i just have to stop using the honey and oat cleanser.

  9. did you use the pumpkin nutrient face mask? if so, was it good? 🙂 i wanna try that for me combination skin type.

  10. no i didn’t use the pumpkin nutrient face mask before, i just got the sensitive and dry skin Skincare Regimen but i think you can give the pumpkin nutrient face mask a go, or just get Normal Or Combination Skin Discovery Kit since they are only $29 now and you can get extra 20%off which is a really good deal ^^