Removing Makeup & My Skincare Routine (Oily Skin)

Healthy Skin Tip: Give your skin a chance to breathe. It might be rather tempting to try to keep your face medicated all the time, however, it is important to give your skin a chance to work on its own and deal with it naturally. You also want to give your skin a break from the harsh chemicals that are in the acne medications.

My Curly Hair Routine

Everyday Makeup Routine

My in depth brow tutorial


Oh Wonder – Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix)

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  1. SO SORRY GUYSSS!! I haven’t been posting as much as I want to lately. But I will be starting an advice video once a week on my channel where if you have any questions or want advice on relationships, friends, LIFE, etc. I will speak on it in a video. I want to connect with you guys more not as only subbies but FRIENDS. Your video will be anonymous and I will not mention your name in the video! If you guys would like to participate, email me at rikaadorn@gmail.com with the subject “RIKA TALKS” . (Also in the description box) I will be uploading ALOT MORE, I promise. Love you guys.

  2. U are sooooo Gorgeous. OMG. Gurl slay. Love your videos. Always so detailed and beautiful. Thanks for making videos. Truly enjoy them. Love you gurl

  3. You shouldn’t wear eyebrow makeup you don’t need it putting on more over does it your face is not meant for dramatic looks because you already have a natural exotic look

  4. this is really helpful, ive been doing your routine and my skin has been so clear thankyou!!!!!