Quick DIY Face Mask Recipe (for OILY SKIN)

Hi everyone! It's Vanilla and Julia! And today we are going to talk about.

BEAUTY Yes, and we are going to show you how to do a simple face mask with green clay and yogurt Let's make it together First, pour green clay into a bowl Remember Don't use metal when working with your clay mask Use glass, plastic or wooden instruments to keep clay's properties effective Add enough yogurt and mix to make a smooth paste If you haven't yogurt you can use also water If you have a dry or sensitive skin we suggest you to use clay masks once or twice a week Ta-dan And now, applied on your face wait at least 5-10 minutes My skin is so soft Yes, soft and clean This is the easiest mask you can do in 10 minutes you have done it all And very cheap, too So, hope you liked this video Yes, we are going to do many more videos like this, too about beauty, if you want Let us know if you enjoyed And we wanted to tell you that we are making new covers we are recording new songs So.

– they will be up in a few days See you! – Bye! :).

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