Pore Tightening Tips & Foods For Different Pore Types

Healthy Skin Tip: If you suffer from oily skin, you want to avoid products that add additional oil, and you want to keep your face from making additional oil. Read the ingredients on makeup and face creams to make sure they're appropriate for your skin type. Also, avoid drying lotions like alcohol-based products, which can stimulate your skin to create excess oil.
Hello Wishtrenders !
Did you guys know that depending on your age and the causes, your pore shapes are different?
We are going to share pore care tips for different pore shapes and super food that is good for your pores!
Keep tuned in !

-How To Care for “O” Shape Pores-
Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap

Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Pore Corset Serum

Moisturizing Cream for Oily Skin (Gel Type)

-How To Care for “U” Shape Pores-
Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser

Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Pore Corset Serum

Pore Zero Night Cream

-How To Care for “Y” Shape Pores-
Pore Zero Night Cream

Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Pore Corset Serum

Pore Zero Night Cream

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  1. omg I usually just move forward in a long video, but I really liked your explainings, so I watched from the beginning till the end :’D

  2. Hi! I really love your video very clear,but I had a Q? about my pores I had been never use anything cleaning, it’s only I use is soap..because I never had before a pores like now, it so worse.i have pore in chicks,and my chin I don’t if a shape O, U, or Y.,I’m afraid to use some cleaning and moisturizer,Please help me what kind of moisturizer cream and I had a oil skin also.. Thanks you so much,your video is so helpful to us..💓💓💓💓

  3. I used to use my aloe Vera plant a lot, but then my cat killed it…I got another one and she killed that one too, ah oh well. Good thing I like green tea.

  4. I love this video so much! By the way, i have very very sensitive skin. So i can’t use any product. Amd than i have many pimple scars on my nose my skin is stick out/shows. i don’t understand why, can you explain? Thankyou very muchh

  5. i heard that we should always rinse with lukewarm water and rinsing the face with cold water is just a myth

  6. Great tips! I wish you could add photos of each type of pores, but still the video is really helpful, I didn’t know there were different types of pores! I will follow your tips and see! Thank you!

  7. very nice👌i loved your video❤but i have dry skin, dark spots of pimples, wrinkles around eyes, dullness, roughness in skin…in my teenage i was having fab glowing skin without using any product & i m going through mental stress but how can i bring my glowing face back…i m 23 age lady & i m vegan so what should i eat daily to bring my glowing skin back…plz suggest me anything..i m from india plz help me out

  8. and also i m facing problem in my hair growth…will streaming hair after 4 days will it helps or not plz suggest me…even i have dark spots on my body because of pimple how to get rid plz help me out…i have dry skin…for body and face i m using vegan ‘handmade soulflower tomato soap’…plz help me

  9. hi eunice..i just subscribed your channel..i like it instantly 😍😍can you do full set step by step skin care routine day n night especially for pores

  10. hey loved the informative video but does this work on African American skin???want to kno before I buy

  11. the moisturizing cream for oily skin gel type is no longer available so what do you recommend now please respond