OILY SKIN! How To Control It! Skincare/Foundation/Cleansing – EVERYTHING! | Stephanie Lange

Healthy Skin Tip: To help premature aging of skin, start using retinoid treatments as soon as possible. Even women who have yet to see wrinkles or crow's feet, such as women in their early 20's, can benefit from retinoid treatments. Retinoid agents contain Vitamin A and they are excellent for preventing and reversing sun damage, which can really age skin. They are available in prescription and over-the-counter form.
Hi guys! OILY SKIN! Ugh! As an oily skinned girl myself (my skin produces so much oil, you could harvest it and quite possibly run a country on it) i’ve been around the block searching for the right products to help combat it and keep it under control. Here’s my tips and tricks on how to help control and deal with oily skin, from the best foundations, to what skin care to use.

For the best products (foundation, skincare, powder etc) for oily skin, check out this blog post – i’ve put all the best (and affordable) products i can think of that are good for oily skin!

At the end of this video i show you how i blot and powder my face during the day!:

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  1. just found this video and the background music is so annoying I couldn’t
    watch to the end 👎

  2. thanks so much!! I just love your videos. you seem so down to earth. you
    are beautiful.

  3. A boy literally hugged me today and I was so afraid that my makeup will get
    on his jacket. Typically the makeup wouldn’t smudge by thanks to my oily
    skin, the makeup will slide right off :(

  4. What about primers? Should you bother or will ot slide straight off? And
    would you recommend powder foundation? Would you have to use powder over
    that too? X

  5. Loved this video…wasn’t too long at all. I’m just wondering what kind of
    makeup I should use during the summer. It seems nearly impossible to keep
    it on my face. It just melts and runs down my face, eww! Need a heat proof
    foundation routine. I hate wearing sunglasses with makeup and when I take
    off my glasses, my foundation around my nose comes off too.

  6. Love Your videos thank you! Stephanie Did you do a tutorial on the eye make
    up on this video?? I love it!!

  7. When she did that “face washing” motion at 3:31 and that trumpet sound
    played, I bout died of laughter 😂😭

  8. Simple clear skin oil balancing moisturiser is really good for oily skin I
    got it from big w

  9. How does coconut Oil work for moisturizing oily skin? I keep hearing
    coconut oil is great for everything so just wondering. thanks

  10. Some extremely important tips! Use a mattifying primer it helps keep the
    oil from your skin controlled and keeps your foundation fresh longer. I use
    the one from Becca the ever matte pore less priming perfecter. Only use
    translucent powders because if you use a tinted one its not a good idea to
    touch up with it multiple times a day because it makes you look cakey, I
    recommend the Laura Mercier one. Blot your face as soon as possible, try
    not to let the oil from your face sit in your foundation too long or it
    wont last the full day trust me. always use a setting spray it makes a big
    difference, I use one from urban decay.

    This has been extremely important tips from one oily girl to another..thank

  11. a little self experience with oily skin: Since I use wheat germ oil my skin
    is a lot more matte, less oil, (i even use it as a primer) and it somehow
    shrinked my pores! it is amazing, my skin soaks up this oil and keeps it
    balanced and smooth! It helped so much with my acne too! I heard that it
    was good for burned areas in healing but it also helped get rid of my
    little scars on my cheeks 😀 definitely try :D

  12. Some really amazing products (coming from a teenager with acne and
    combination skin) Neutrogena cleansers and moisturizers are freaking

  13. Hi I Love all your great Tip for Oily skin that I have had all my life,
    your skin looks amazing what products do use on your face or what cleanser?
    Is Noxzema original cleasing a good cleanser to use for oily skin?

  14. *I have oily skin, the only thing I do is apply an oil-free moisturizer
    after I shower (I wash my face with water only)*

  15. i had try many creams nd .. also i take treatment from doctor .. but all
    fail 😣 .. black heads huhhh .. now i just use lemon .. nd i do scrub with
    milk nd rice powder… aftr scrub i apply lemon.. i do this after 1 or 2