Healthy Skin Tip: If you are going to be outside for a long period of time, you should spray your hair with a sunscreen spray to protect your hair and scalp from the sun's damaging rays. Sunscreen spray will prevent your hair color from fading and will protect your scalp from sun damage.
Hi guys, welcome back to my channel! After a huge amount of requests I have decided to film my skincare routine. This is a lot of products and of course you don’t need to buy them all, this is just what personally works for me 🙂



Garnier Micellar Water
Decleor Aroma Cleanse
Decleor Ylang Ylang Night Balm
The Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask
Clearasil Rapid Treatment Cream
Garnier Blackhead Clearing Wash
The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter
Precision Beauty Sonic Cleansing Brush
Decleor Mattifying Fluid
Tri-Peptox Dark Circle Cream



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  1. drives me insane that every other comment is about how naturally beautiful she is and that she doesn’t need makeup. I’m sure she puts makeup because she wants to not because she needs it. not everyone puts makeup on because they need it.. it can be just for fun.

  2. Your skin is beautiful and clearly, what you are doing is working, but pulling at your skin like that with a flannel stretches it and can cause premature wrinkles 🙁

  3. hey commenters!! i posted my first video last night on my channel over my skin care and it would be awesome if y’all came by and checked it out, i’m a newbie but i spread lots of love and support on people’s channels as well if you want it :))

  4. Who else feels like crying bc they’ve tried everything possible to clean their skin and watched soooo many skincare videos and tips and purchased tens of products and drank water and fixed their eating habits but their skin still didn’t get much better? Bc i am. I literally cry my eyes out every now and then i’m just too tired lmao. My lord,.. wth are you so mad about? what’ve i ever done to you? xDD

  5. Thank you for sharing your routine, I have oily skin and needing a change. What you’re doing works !