My Skin Care Routine Day/Night – (oily Skin, Acne Prone, Hyperpigmentation Help) – 4C Natural Hair

Healthy Skin Tip: Drink lots of water. Drinking water keeps the skin hydrated and helps flush toxins from your body. Your skin will readily expunge irritants, which in turn helps prevent excess oil production. Staying hydrated is also vital to other aspects of your health, and a healthy immune system will reward you with glowing skin.
Hey! In this video I share what I currently do to care for my skin both day and night! I hope it helps! 🙂
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  1. For the night routine, if you aren’t wearing any make-up do you still apply the coconut oil or do you just go straight into the Nubian black soap?

  2. Hey! I love that you use natural ingredients. I have a question… Do you do this routine everyday? Like exfoliating and stuff. Thanks!

  3. How do i search for that particular vitamin e oil? You didn’t put it in the descrption

  4. i just recently graduated and became an esthetician. I actually found out that not moisturizing your skin enough will actually make your skin produce more oil. Using atleast a nickel sized amount will actually make your skin less oily throughout the day. 🙂

  5. You’re so pretty and your skin looks great. its crazy that you can put all those oils on your face and have acne prone skin. i am gonna give it a try

  6. I absolutely love this routine. It really works for me! Thank you so much! Very natural which I love & you are beautiful!

  7. Your skincare routine seems very harsh 🙁 very damaging for your acid mental and moisture barrier. You should try the Korean skincare approach. They focus on nurturing a healthy moisture barrier (stratum corneum) which in turn helps you balance the moisture in your skin (hydrated & not too oily) and fight acne. It has a lot to do with the pH level of your skincare. Your cleanser seems too alkaline (the oatmeal is good), baking soda is dangerously alkaline, alcohol is just a big no-no.

    You should read skinandtonics’ (blog) article on ‘The Importance of Fatty Acids, pH & the Moisture Barrier’ and snowwhiteandtheasianpear’s (blog) article on ‘Why the pH of Your Cleanser Matters’. It’s backed up with scientific researches from dermatology schools and stuff you can learn a thing or two about your skin. It has helped me a lot with my skin problems.