Michael Todd: Acne Or Oily Skin Regimen Journey: Week One

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Hi guys! I’m back for my one week review! Sorry for the long video /-: BUT so far so good, I haven’t seen dramatic results and I’m thinking it’s just my skin trying to adjust to this new stuff, but otherwise I’m completely happy with the products. By now I would seriously have a zombie face with my old regimen and so the MTProds have been helping fight this breakout that haunts me monthly!

Like I said, check back in a week to hear what I think about the charcoal exfoliater as well as the clay mask, and of course to see how my skin is doing! This next time I’ll have a side by side photo of what it was from week one to how it is by then. Really excited yet I’m trying my best to be patient. As always, thanks for watching! xoxo

Disclaimer: I bought these products with my own money!

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  1. Hopefully I will get some good results…cannot wait to actually get these products…of the mail…lol

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  3. omg me too i started getting this little bumps. And I wonder if is it because the acne is coming to surface to easily eliminate it after washing or is it a bad reaction. I am only on my 1st week of using it.

  4. i wonder if it is a rash of some sort.. cause it’s not like pimples or blemishes like you said

  5. I guess it’s like your skin wanting to break out but the products are working against it. It only occurred during the first and second week and after that i didn’t experience it again

  6. Just about anyone can end up with acne breakouts. My own slightly older pal had it as severely as his boy. Each had been able to remedy themselves after they stumbled upon the Acne Executioner (Google it). Most people will not be as lucky as them.