Mens Skin Care Routine | How To Reduce Oily Skin For Men

Healthy Skin Tip: A great skin care tip is to always carry a pack of wipes with you wherever you go. If you get yourself dirty and do not have the time for a shower, you can use these to quickly clean the dirt off your skin, which will prevent breakouts from occurring.
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Hey Everyone! This is my skin care routine for men with oily skin. This method seems to work for me. First I start by using the Konjc exfoliating sponge, then apply Nivea’s cleansing gel and lastly apply the Exact medicated treatment. If you found this helpful make sure to comment below and thumbs up the video! Thanks for your time this week!

Nivea Cleansing Gel:

Medicated Treatment:

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  1. how many times did you use your nivea pruifing cleasing face in a day? For a normal day. Cheers from sapain

  2. i apply shit on my face every time i go to toilets and it works. try it you ll be satisfied from results

  3. You’ve a gorgeous hair cut!!!
    However, I use Sodium Sulfacetamide 10% Sulfur 5% Cleanser w/2 speed facial cleaning brush…