Maybelline Fit Me Matte+ Poreless Foundation | Review On Oily Skin

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Maybelline Fit Me Matte+ Poreless Foundation
Shade 220 Natural Beige
Shade 128 Warm Nude

Available at Watsons & Guardian – RM49.90
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  1. Fatin ur skin complexion even brighter . I love ur style yg sgt bersahaja n Sgt membantu ! Tqvm nak pi cari lani jugak


  2. Now you are my fav youtuber😍😍😍

    Btw i nk letgo this foundation in shade 220 for rm35. Prefer self-pickup. If pos kena tambah duit postage. Reason salah beli shade 😣 i baru beli last week and guna 2x only.

  3. Please give a tips on how to choose the correct shade for foundation / yellow undertone etc. Selalu terambil foundation yg way to bright than my skin 😥

  4. To me lah kan, after watching other beauty vloggers, you are *the best*. Sebab you’re so honest, so funny and so relatable. I love your videos 💜 And sangat nak try this foundation after your review!

  5. sis.. boleh x buat review for everdeen hd bc cream? katanya bc cream tu full coverage. i xkan beli selagi u x review. 😂

  6. haaaa.. hang ni mcm mat l**** tapi versi pompuann.. but i enjoyed the video dik.. tq for the honest review.. lepaih ni nk p beli foun-dai-tion nii..yaaaasssss.. 😀

  7. Dah pakai foundation ni masa raya hr tu…dr pagi smpai ke senja baru balik rumah.. Xbermnyk lgsung lgsung. Xnmpk kerot2 pun kt smile line n bwh mata.. Peluh pun xdak walhal kemain lg duk bwh panaih lit2..

  8. i just love all your videos 😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂 so hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Kulit saya light-yellow skin, and i pakai 128 shade, sekali jadi gelap macam tanned maybe because of it started to oxidise. Tak tahu which one is good for me

  10. Perghhh sejak bila 4k ni.. sbb masuk dunia u lama dah xtgk sgt 😂😂😂 setia dr form 5/4 until diploma fisioterapi di uitm puncak alam

  11. Akhirnya, youtuber yg campoqq cakap bi ngan melayu and x dak nak cakap biiiiii je manjang. Awak patut nye dapat banyak lagi subscriber . Will support you 💕

  12. foundation ni sesuai ke utk kulit kering ?
    klau muka yg jenis senang berpeluh mcm mne ye ?