Make Egg White Face Mask – Oily Skin

Healthy Skin Tip: Licorice root tea is a natural way to keep acid reflux symptoms at bay. The warm, soothing drink will coat your esophagus and stomach in comfort. The licorice itself will help build up the mucal lining of your digestive tract, assisting it in the healing process. Do not try this if you have hypertension, though.
Make egg white face mask to treat oily skin. You need a lemon and an egg to make this natural skin care product. The mask is full of protein and should be used three times a week.

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  1. I have fine lines On my forehead and when I started using this Argan Life Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil they are starting to become less noticeable. My skin feels smooth. 🙂

  2. i know for a fact that lemon can irritate your skin especially if you have a skin condition such as dermatitis or acne. best to just use the egg white alone unless you want burning and possible redness or inflammation.

  3. my mother in law used this without lemon for years and years. She looked 50 when she was 80! amazing egg whites! and affordable!

  4. Is it useful for men also?😊😄 And I saw many doctors says that lemon is not good for applying on our faces is that true???

  5. jaruri hai limbu har kisi k face suit ho.. agar janana hai limbu humpe suit karta hai yaa nhi to kaisa pata lagaye.. kyaa aap muje bata sakte ho