MAC Morning Oily Skin Routine + Men Flawless Makeup | Erick Hanson

Healthy Skin Tip: Never pay extra money for a product that labels itself as hypoallergenic unless you know for sure which specific ingredient you are allergic to. ANY of the hundreds of skincare ingredients on the market have the potential to cause an allergic reaction. There is no single product that contains an ingredient to which no potential user is allergic to.
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  1. hlo brother plz help me how I get ride my dark skin plus dark lips and neck darkness and get ride melanin plz plz

  2. no te entiendo nada, pero creo que tampoco hay que entender mucho, solo los productos xd lo único que se es que te maquillas hermoso

  3. Can I just like have your skin, like you’re skin is so perfect. Uggh, I have bad skin and you just make me so envious

  4. Me encantan tus labios y tu nariz! por favor, agrega en la descripción de los videos que maquillaje usas.

  5. love your makeup. But your background music is totally annoying. It’s been deliberately used by most youtubers.

  6. can this thing (the make-up part) be considered Metrosexual or something of that sort. No trolling or offense inteded.