I Tried The Korean Skincare Routine For 2 Weeks | Skin Concerns: Oily Skin, Dry Patches, Dullness

Hey let's see who it is interrupting me right now I need to go pee! Okay.

So where was I- Not a good day to record, okay.

"I Tried The Korean Skin Care Routine For Two Weeks" Hi my name is Nathalie, I'm originally from Jamaica I'm 29-years-old and I work for a startup called Give Lively as a social media strategist.

I decided to join this skincare journey because I was excited to try Korean skincare I hear it's a better quality than most name brands, and also because I had some concerns about the blotchiness of my skin I want to get back that radiant brightness in my skin like even out the tone, reduce the number of breakouts.

Oh, this looks cool.

It's an eye cream.

It has ginseng in it.

Okay, thats really going to wake me up Yeah.

I take ginseng in the morning sometimes to like, cut the coffee My skin type, I would say depend on the season could be like really dry in the winter time, and more oily in the summer because of the humidity A very high concentration of birch juice and what birch juice is- it's similar to coconut water it's very very hydrating.

I'm actually really excited about this because I like coconut water and I appreciate that comparison I've also heard good things about essence, I've watched some beauty tips on YouTube and I've heard good things about this so I'm really excited.

My biggest skin concern would be the unevenness of my skin, and also the breakouts that I get every now and then that annoy me so those are mostly my concerns.

What I'm expecting out of this is quality skin care products that are mild, that can still give me even better skin.

Hi guys, this is Nat, I'm about to wind down and watch some TV with my fiancé, so I'm going to do my nightly skincare regimen But today I'm going to start with the Klairs Black Deep Cleansing Oil so here we go.

I work in New York, so I'm sure I have like the smog of the city all over my face, so I hope this oil cleanser just gets in there and takes out all of the New York pollution from my pores.

You can see it's actually doing a pretty good job the (COSRX) Oil- Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion Wow, I really like this stuff.

This stuff, the bomb.

The bomb.

I have discovered that this foaming cleanser works exceptionally well with a little bit like a little bit.

Like this is how much I'm about to use of this My face is really smooth and is getting balanced and brightness and I feel like it's just been a really short period of time and I already feel confident that I'm going to be happy with these products.

This is a sunscreen that I really like 'cause it doesn't feel very oily but it still tends to make my skin just look a little more bright.

You can see like there's no makeup on my face but I'm pretty happy with how it looks You can really tell in the sunlight the difference the that products are making, I really think I'm getting the brightness that I'm looking for and just the youthfulness.

I'm really happy with the Korean products many products I've tried in the past have been way too harsh for my skin Or I have to return them because it either makes me too dry or too oily I'm really happy with my skin and I'm looking forward to continuing this journey.

I definitely think it feels really soft and bright, and over the past two weeks I do feel that my skin looks a lot more luminous and bright, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Within the first three days, I felt that my face definitely seemed more luminous, had really great brightness, I felt confident going outside without any makeup, but still having a fresh face.

I definitely feel more confident when I head out for the day I personally don't like to wear makeup everyday I think it clogs my pores and using these products gave me the youthfulness and brightness that I was looking for without wearing any foundation.

I'll definitely be continuing this routine afterwards, because I love double cleansing I definitely feel like my skin looks and feels much cleaner and I get less breakouts and I like the way I feel when I head out for the day.

Have you watched the video? Not all of it, but if you want me to use the hashtag I can, I'm a social- I'm a social media person so- If you were to describe your experience in one hashtag what would it be? Do the sign to the camera Hashtag bright skin.

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