How To Take Care Of Oily/Acne Prone Skin

Healthy Skin Tip: Talk to your doctor about your condition. It is possible to find relief with over the counter medication, but your doctor can also prescribe medication that can help with acid reflux. Also, there may be an underlying cause of your acid reflux and it is best if your doctor examines you.
Hello Hello everybody!
I’m so excited to share with you some easy tips and tricks that I do in my daily skin care routine to maintain my acne prone skin. I break out very easily with a product that my skin does not like or from some food too. This is how I keep my skin free of pimples, even though the steps are simple, its not easy to keep up I know, I understand this but please try your best to make this a must in your lifestyle and follow at least for a week so that it turns into a daily must do habit.

All the products are drugstore price, I think they are affordable and worth it. You can also find them online, maybe from amazon or ebay.
I got them from my local drugstore.

Products mentioned:
Cetaphill – Gentle Skin Cleanser
Body Shop – Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner
Body Shop – Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
Acne medication – White Rabbit Japanese Acne Cream


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  1. dipa I’m not sure if we can use cetaphil cleanser cuz it contains sodium lauryl sulphate which is not good for skin

  2. No cetaphil is far from one of the best cleansers on the market, seriously, name at least one beneficial ingredient in cetaphil ? It’s just filled with cancer causing parabens.

  3. May I know when shall we apply Acne Cream? 😂Thanks before! anyway, I love all ur videos and ur flawless skin! 💞

  4. Hey, I’m from Sri Lanka. And I need to know that, this products will work for all skin types as it says, even for people in my country Coz our climate is way different.

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  8. using lemon and sugar could harm the skin . if u have pimple,acne,blackhead problems just go to doctor and tell him about ur skin type so he can give u a useful cream for skin

  9. i like your videos. but i’ve read in some articles that actually putting lemon on your face isn’t good.
    the acid in lemon is quite high, which is not good for face. face’s natural acid is around 5 and lemon’s is 2 so it will break the natural pH on your skin. it will cause irritation and sunburn too. i suggest you to stop using lemon instead using the safer exfoliator that is sold in markets

    i hope it’ll help you. i too have used lemon a couple of times but immediately stop after i read the articles.

  10. Are there any solutions to prevent the skin on the nose area from peeling off?? there is a spot on my nose where the skin often peels off…and i was wondering if you have any advice for me to prevent it from happening again.
    i am open to any suggestions.

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  13. Lemons are bad for acne. I had a severe acne problem for years, been to several clinics to cure them, spent hell lot of money, but when I stopped wearing them the acne just came up all again.

    My total remedy is Tea tree treatments from Body shop, and better yet, to cure an active pimple I use Pond’s pimple care gel, it works overnight for sure. I know the treatment is different for everyone, but for those who desperate, please try my way. It’s cheaper than clinical treatment, fast, and foremost Works. Hope it helps