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In this I will teach you how to prevent your eyelids getting oily and how to make sure your eyeshadow stays in place all day long without getting oily or creasing! These tips are super simple to follow and you will be able to recreate the hack using products that you already have at home!

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Kat Von D Lock It Transluscent Powder
Used with a Morphe G37 Brush
MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot – Soft Ochre
Used with a Morphe G14 Brush

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  1. Nikkia, how can I prevent my eyeliner from smudging under my eyes? I am shortsighted and I wear contact lenses on daily basis, so my eyes are probably more watery than other people’s. The good thing about it is that it makes wearing contact lenses comfortable, but I think my “tears” dissolve makeup. Are there any tricks for the lower lid area? I don’t want to dry it out too much because I don’t want to get wrinkles.
    I also have a tip for stopping smudging on upper lids if you are in a hurry, and that is to use (primer +) maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow before applying powdery eyeshadow and other products (eyeliner, mascara). It works great for me.
    Lots of love. Stay awesome <3

  2. Thank you! This trick worked twice…one of my days was 12+hours long. No creasing! Colors stayed strong! I buy SilkNaturals eyeshadow which has NO additives so it’s harder to make them stay on, but this trick made sure they stayed on!

  3. Instead of translucent power can I use a light layer of BB powder in a light shade or will it make it look cakey?

  4. what is the best internationally available black gel liner for oily and watery lids? it can be expensive IDC but we don’t have Sephora here so it can’t be sth which is exclusive to Sephora

  5. YES, thank you girl!!! So happy I found this video 🙂 I have oily hooded lids, and this works so well! I did my makeup before a night out and my eye shadow was still looking good when I removed my makeup at 5am. Usually it lasts 2 hours before I get an oily crease!x

  6. Mac paint pot soft ochre or benefits Stay Don’t Stray? They appear to be comparable in price here in Canada (about $40 :/) and I only want to invest in one. I definitely get super oily eyelids… Love your vids! thank you 🙂

  7. It worked! Thanks so much for your helpful advice. I’ve tried every eyeshadow base you can think of, but your procedure also works for drugstore brands and for older women like me. I am now a subscriber.

  8. Does laura mercier Powder works for a eyeshadow base?? Or no?? Im new to makeup so pls bear with me 😂😂😂

  9. Great video! Thank you for sharing this trick! I am going to try this tomorrow! new subbie here 🙂

  10. Could you recommend a good drugstore concealer that is quite matte and could be used for priming eyelids as well as concealer for the face? Thanks 🙂 love your videos! X

  11. Hi nikkia, I’ve tried this trick and it did work for a few days but it’s still not consistent. nothing I use or do will keep my eye shadows on . I’ve tried multiple methods primers and still nothing will stay on my lids without it creasing. The weird thing is that I never used to have this problem. This has only happened in the last few months. so I’m not sure why or what’s going on but it’s really annoying that my beautiful eye shadows won’t ever stay on anymore. do u have any other suggestions?