Healthy Skin Tip: As tempting as it may be, do not pop pimples. By popping pimples, you are pushing infected material deeper into the skin which causes swelling, redness and possible scarring. Instead, you can mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with a teaspoon of water at night and apply it to the pimple.


Oily skin – the bane of my life for most of my childhood up until i was about 30.

Dealing with oily skin can be tricky but it can be controlled.

I know people don’t always agree but stopping overloading the skin with excess moisturisers can go a long way to stopping this. Oily skin has its own moisture – and lots of it – so adding more isn’t necessary.

If you want to moisturise your skin – use serums as these are less emollient.

Milk of magnesium is great for controlling oily skin. Worn as a face mask, rinsed off – can stop oily skin for hours and hours and hours. For VERY oily skin it can be left on, then foundation applied over.

BE WARNED – milk of magnesium can be drying – so you don’t want to go too far with this – let you skin be your guide.

I found that many dermatologist also recommend milk of magnesium for controlling oily skin 🙂

And lots of shine control products also have this in the ingredient list.

🙂 Wayne

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  1. everyone saying that people with oily skin need to moisturize their face: this is bad advice. there are people out there, myself included, that moisturizers and hydrators break them out. my skin is so oily that just being outside for more than ten minutes breaks me out in cystic acne. putting any cream product on my face, no matter what it is, breaks me out in cystic acne. not all oily skin is the same. just because you can get away with moisturizing your oily skin doesn’t mean everyone else can.

  2. I find that when I put a light moisturiser on, my skin is less oily soooooooooooooo………………..

  3. I want in on this. I have so much oil, if the US government knew about it, they’d “bring democracy” to my face.

  4. But i heard using milk of mg can mess up our skin pH. Our skin should be acidic pH and putting milk of mg which alkaline pH can disturb our skin pH which later cause prone to acne.

  5. none of Wayne’s advice is working forme :(.
    always produced the opposite effect on me. If he tells me to get married I must go to a “couvent”.

  6. Milk of magnesia really works! I tried so many primers: cheap and expensive. None worked as well as milk of magnesia. I apply it after moisturizer and before foundation.

  7. weird because I’m super oily on my face and I never ever break out :0 but I still hate my oily skin

  8. Hi mr. Wayne. Good day to ya. Im dane from manila philippines. How are you? Im a fashion director & a ramp model trainer. When i do my workshop i see to it that i look good because there are a lot of top models. As a. trainer it doesnt look to have an oily face. Iv used pancake, Liquid, Cream foundations. But my face is still very oily. I tried some of your suggestions but i wanna know how to get rid of The oiliness. I tried blotting tissues over my make up but what noticed after blotting it over my foundstion. The make just stick on the tissue. Its like taking all my foundation off. May i ask a few more suggestions? Iv been teeling our models to watch & subscribe your video/chanel so that they wont have to ask their make up artists to do their make ups everytime we have hotel shows. Thanks much & more power to your show. Have a great week godbless mr. Wayne. 👍👍😂😂😂👌👌👌💋

  9. Finally! Someone who actually dealt with this skin type. It was like you were describing my skin. I was on accutane back in middle school to get rid of my acne and it worked and I miss my skin being as dry as it was then. Always struggled with my makeup looking super shiny after only 2 hours of having makeup on. And I ONLY use powder. Haven’t put on moisturizer, primer, or liquid foundation in years and yet I still struggle. Definitely am going to try the milk of magnesia you suggested and hopefully it will change my life like I need it to. 🙏🏻

  10. I have oil that comes out my nose without using oil but why stop your nose from being oily well for that is i can’t take the oil from my skin it irritates my inner side of the nose i so i just let it be the way it here a pic on my profile

  11. I have so much oil on my face that I can help fried chicken… I don’t wear no makeup and I try to keep my hands off my face..

  12. Thank you so much for not telling me to “moisturize more.” I’m so tired of hearing that from youtubers with dry skin. I already have super oily skin if I put on moisturizer it just makes it wayyyyy worse.

  13. no no no. moisturizer does work. I didn’t use it in middle school because I thought it would make it worse. In highschool, I started using it and it helped so so much

  14. I had a very oily skin in my early teen when I was like 12,13 but I didn’t really give a shit about it .. I just use to cleanse and moisturize like always.. Now I’m 17 and I dont have oily skin anymore and I think maybe it was because of change in hormones or somethin

  15. i understand why he said dont put anything on ur face but i am watching this because i get oily with and without make up so i need a primer regardless and trust me i have tried everything from primers to setting sprays to setting powder to no lotion and absolutely nothing works so nothing you said sounds like it would help me 🙁

  16. I’m so oily that I literally have to take two showers every day and wash my face 3 times a day,1 in each shower and one in the afternoon.the thing that sucks the most is that I still get lots of pimples and acne because of how oily I am,and everyone else around me is like clear face smooth skin,is this normal for a kid my age (14)?