HOW TO : STOP OILY SKIN! | Top Prevention Tips For Oily & Acne Prone Skin | Part One!

Healthy Skin Tip: If you are tailoring your skin care techniques for maximum anti-aging results, do not underestimate the power of a healthy diet. This aspect is more important than any amount of creams or lotions. Eat a well balanced diet laden with fruits and vegetables. Renew your skin from the inside out.
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This was originally planned to be a single video, with prevention and management tips all in one. But then I started editing. Yeah. You didn’t actually want a 10-15 minute long video, trust me. If I can’t stand looking at my talking head for that long, I doubt any of you can either! lol Check back on Thursday for part 2, which will cover all the ways I manage oily skin. Loads more tips and tricks that won’t break the bank, or the sanity.


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  1. I wash my face with a foam cleanser and then an daily exfoliating scrub every morning. I’ve been doing this for awhile now and I definitely noticed right away that by the end of the day, my skin is noticeably less oily. Another tip is to use warm water when you wash your face because it opens up the pores and then when you’re washing off use cold water because that tightens the skin. Pat dry with a clean towel, wipe away with toner, and then put on some moisturizer, sunscreen, and then makeup! Of course this is my method, but it really works for me! Just make sure you have a really good foam cleanser, exfoliant, and toner.

    Another thing! I use a lot of Korean skincare products and I use a mask every once a week. There’s different kinds from many different brands. I like Nature Republic masks the best because they just work better. It’s an added bonus that these masks are really inexpensive. I buy mine from either Amazon, Ebay, or online Korean stores like Gmarket (don’t worry it’s in English too!). 

    I would love giving some more tips, but this seems a but…very lengthy…Hope this helps anyone who tries it! 

  2. Um….does it still work if you don’t use the cleaner ?? And also in one of the comments , you said that olive oil also work right?? So do you just put on your face ?? Thanks !!

  3. I have a problem that my breakouts became even worser when I put moisturizer that I bought from drugstore. I stop using cream type moisturizer and replace it with olive oil on my skin and oh my god, it’s works amazingly well after months. It’s stop my breakouts slowly and solves my skin problems. Thank you for your tips! (fight oil with oil)

  4. Black seed oil is great for this, if you look up on google it has so many benefits especially for those suffering from acne 🙂 I highly recommend

  5. I use rose hip oil at night, it helps me with my acne scars and i hope it will also help me with my oily skin. Great video!

  6. May acne was gone….when i use organic carrot soap but because of the humid whether here in the Philippines where summer time was really like hell in so much hot…my face produce a lot of oil and my pimples are coming back again..than you for this video.☺☺☺☺

  7. When I eat a high meat diet, my skin gets oily. I dial the meat back and it goes away.

  8. Nice video. The tips you have given are very informative. I personally feel that a facial cleanser will help in removing oily skin. Dermpura is a facial cleanser which is clinically proven for clearing oily skin. Also it is very effective and goes deep into the pores to remove dirt and excess oil from the face.

  9. hey! my skin is extremely oily and my scalp too… my scalp’s oil helps my face to get oily more faster 🙁 what to do with both of these oil 🙁