How To Stop Oily Skin | Favourite Products

Healthy Skin Tip: Increase the effectiveness of your facial cleansing routine by using a two-step process. First, use a mild and gentle cleanser to remove cosmetics, sunscreen, and other impurities. This prepares the skin for the second step, which involves applying a soothing, hydrating moisturizer. Use gentle, upward motions to evenly spread the moisturizer over the skin.
These are the best products that I’ve used to reduce the amount of shine and grease on my oily skin.
I’ve got a charcoal face wash, clay face mask, oil cleanser and an anti-sebum moisturiser.

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– L’Oreal Men Expert Pure Power Black Charcoal Wash –
– Baxter of California Clay Mask –
– DHC Deep Cleansing Oil –
– L’Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Moisturising Gel –
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  1. Sounds weird but applying “milk of magnesia” on a cotton pad and on your face and then being sure to check 2 minutes later to rub off any white streaks is incredible. Soaks up all oil literally for over 12 hour work day.

  2. Another great compilation.. 🙂 Unfortunately DHC is hard to get in Austria though (or expensive shipping costs from England..)

  3. I have used this charcoal face wash since you recommended it in 2015 and it’s wonderful. Thanks 😀

  4. Hey Great video!

    I love your videos because they’re very helpful in every way.

    But I have a question about minoxidil for facial hair growth
    Wether it is helpful or is it just another scam or is it helpful or has any side effects.
    It would be great if you can respond in comment or as a video.
    Thank you

  5. Hi Robin, Is this products suitable for sensitive skin ? Because sometimes i use the wrong products and end up getting my face feeling itchy and after some time i get a dry skin.

  6. +Robin James Dude how is your face so clear?! :O is it your genetics or something haha

  7. I will try these products. I am female in in my 60s & still have very oily skin. One good thing about oily skin is your skin looks younger. Thanks

  8. I’m Using Master Facial Wash (Philippines Brand) When I’m Done Applying Its Getting Smooth But After 5-10 Mins The Oil Is Starting To Shine Again HAHAHA. 😭

  9. This is a short but beneficial guide. I`m promoting this acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) to my friend who`ll begin their acne treatments to accomplish a clearer skin. Very much enjoyed reading this and loved the understanding into how my inside issues can affect my skin.

  10. First of all I suggest everyone research the ingredients (LOREAL PURE POWER) because half the chemicals used in this actually makes your skin breakout more. Charcoal powder and salicylic acid are last ingredients on the list which suggest there is little amounts of it that will actually work. The product actually contains whales fat which surprised me because I honestly thought this whole charcoal purification thing would work but it dosent it made my skin dry and breakout more. This dude dosent know what his talking about and I’m pretty sure he was sponsored by loreal #gurlbye #noteanoshade #honesty

  11. The more I use “for oily skin” products, the shinier my skin (especially nose) looks… I’ve used the l’oreal and Biore Charcoal face wash, a natural Toner and salicylic acid Toner, and oil free moisturizers… My skin looks completely matte when I wake up, but soon as I wash, tone, and moisturize, I look shiney and after blotting, get oily again throughout the day. Not sure what to do.

  12. What would you say about L’oreals extreme charcoal face wash for oily skin? I couldn’t find the one you use in this video. I’m in the US so.