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In this video I show you the BEST way to stop foundation rubbing off your nose and stay in place all day! Oily skin does not have to be your enemy with these quick tricks! If you are having a specific makeup or oily skin problem, please tell me in the comments so that I can create a video to help you solve it!!


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  1. Does anyone have a problem when doing your eyebrows and having them get oily? It doesn’t matter whether I use the pomade or a pencil eyebrow liner. My eyebrows always get oily ! 😭

  2. Hi Nikkia,
    Have you tried the Urban Decay Deslick Complexion Primer? I recently bought it and I’m testing it out 🙂

  3. So many Australian makeup gurus, I love it. Or are your from New Zealand? I attribute your accent to Australia :p

  4. omg my mind is blown. eye primer on the nose? how come I didn’t know that! I’m so doing this for my wedding.

  5. i cant use a alcohol primer. what will happen if i use for example my Tarte rainforrest of the sea setting spray?

  6. What if the foundation starts looking this ( picture on the video) around your forehead and under eyes like flaky and you put more powder on and it’s totally ruined what do you do?

  7. After seeing how the urban decay eyeshadow primer blocks oil on my eyelids like nobody’s business, I’ve thought about using it as a face primer before but never actually tried it! Now I’m definitely going to give it a go. You’ve won another oily skinned subscriber right here 🤗

  8. i’ve seriously become so hopeless about my skin this past year please help! the thing is this: my tzone get super oily and my foundation does disappear after not even three hours after putting it on and i have redness on and around my nose so you can imagine it’s not pretty. but the thing is, i dont want to put matte foundation or any type of mattyfying products on my face cause even though my t zone gets oily I have some deep lines next to my mouth for a 25 year old face i feel like anyway (i guess i laugh too much? lol) and when i use matt foundation or powder it kinda begins to sit in those fine lines making me look like an old woman! so what do i use? a glowy kinda moisturizing foundation for “riper skin” to fight those lines? (eventhough Im only 25 and ive never even smoked nor do I tan so thank you genes) but then there’s my nose…putting eyeprimer on didn’t work for me btw it disappeared along with my foundation it’s like the skin on my nose absorbed it all….

  9. Loved this video! I haaaate when I put sunglasses on and get annoying red spots because it has gone through the foundation.

  10. can yu do a video on how to not make your foundation look cake or flakey? that’s a major problem for me

  11. Didn’t work for me. I used mac paint pot.😕 Dont know if its the highlighter but spots showed through the makeup about an hour later….

  12. can someone suggest to me how to keep makeup around my mouth? like, sometimes i wont even touch my face or eat anything and boom! foundations gone, ugly line. i have no clue why someone help