How To Slay ALL DAY! Foundation Routine For Oily Skin

Healthy Skin Tip: Never try to forcibly open or pop an infection. This is really important. Not only can this result in an ugly and permanent scar; you are also prolonging the healing of the infection. If you drain the pimple, it may leave it open for infection again.
The best foundation routine for when you need your makeup to SLAY ALL DAY! From brunch & shopping to concerts & nightclubs, this routine will have your back all day long!!!

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  1. Since I have combination oily to normal skin I figured I’d give the smashbox foundation (been using Lancome for some time but after so long my face starts to look oily still) and the Bye bye pores a try since I don’t have just large pores but open pores. while I have yet to try the bye bye pores I will say just from feeling it that it seems much finer than most translucent powders. With the smashbox I did notice that to the touch my face seemed less oily and VERY seldom transferred on tissue or such. I guess I’ll update once I’ve had the chance to try the Bye Bye Pores.

  2. I just tried this and I’m scared af bc my makeup won’t come off. Lmao. I’m dead ass serious. It will not wash off. I used everything you used and I’m freaking out 😂😂 this shit is bulletproof.

  3. I suffer from extreme dehydrated but oily skin, and that foundation looks bomb for that, but is SOO expensive where I live 🙁

  4. hey baby girl, just wanted to say that i freaking love your channel you are so popping 💞 keep doing what your doing, your personality rocks

  5. I get worried about putting moisturiser on cuz I’m so oily skinned,, would you recommend still putting a primer or moisturiser on??? Xx

  6. This was one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever watched. My face is so oily and I recently bought the Anastasia Stick Foundation but realized it leaves my face so oily. I will definitely be picking up this smash box foundation thanks to you!!!

  7. I love your video ! I wanted ask you do you think you can do a tutorial how you do your eyebrows and what product you used because I love the way you did them here on the video

  8. Omg I need this foundation now lol 😭😩 I’m so oily nothing seems to work for me it sucks 😩I have the because matte primer I still get oily, and I have the tarte, urban decay, and L’Oréal matte foundations yet I get oily by 3 pm

  9. I had to subscribe and comment because I’ve watched this tutorial like 3 times already just to refresh my memory on how to Slay All Day

  10. Best Oily Skin Foundation routine everrrr…Question was your beauty blender wet when you applied the bye bye pores powder??