HOW TO: Get Rid Of Oily Skin INSTANTLY!

Healthy Skin Tip: Increase the effectiveness of your facial cleansing routine by using a two-step process. First, use a mild and gentle cleanser to remove cosmetics, sunscreen, and other impurities. This prepares the skin for the second step, which involves applying a soothing, hydrating moisturizer. Use gentle, upward motions to evenly spread the moisturizer over the skin.
Do you suffer from oily skin? Here are some amazing tips on HOW TO: Get Rid of Oily Skin INSTANTLY! Oily skin can be problematic for many people, so here are some great tips on how to stop oily skin. I go over natural products as well as DIY at home products that really help with oily skin. I hope you like it! xo Jen


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Tea Tree Oil

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  1. What I do throughout school is I just use the cover girl clean pressed powder for oily skin and quickly apply it all over my face

  2. Can you please recommend me any moisturizers that get rid of excessive oils and some foods to eat and to stay away from please?

  3. Anyone having trouble getting rid of oily skin? Just use a exfoliating scrub cream from anywhere 🙂 when you use it you have to rub it to where it gets rid of dead skin cells and bacteria 🙂 I used this and now my skin is like a baby’s bottom and clear

  4. 1: stop eating greasy foods
    2: exfoliate scrub which will get rid of dead skin cells and removes dirt leaving your skin soft
    3: drink lots of water and milk it will make your bones healthier and clear up your skin and grows your hair and eyebrows
    4: never wear bangs
    5: never wear makeup so your skin can breathe and clear up
    6: get enough sleep
    7: moisturize
    8: wash your face with white dove soap which will make your skin lighter
    9 change pillow case every week
    10:take your vitamins each day (one vitamin per day) DO NOT OVERDOSE
    11:massage face with ice which will get rid of bags under eyes
    12:practice walking with straight posture
    13: enjoy your healthy life you will live to 100

  5. tea tree oil does NOT get rid of oil, its ANTIBACTERIAL! it kills bacteria! it’s for getting rid of acne, NOT oil!!!!

  6. The last 3 don’t WORK!!!! She didn’t show them on the video for a reason the egg whites make your skin and hair smell gross for a whole week and the lemon leaves your face red

  7. I have combination skin and I go with natural products and make them myself I also have roseacea I had sence I was a little girl

  8. using sumer cream like fair lovly can also dry up ur skin nd mainly face powder can mke ur skin soopr doopr dry

  9. instead of usin egg or lemon use face powder to control oil egg smel really irritates nd lemon burn skin nd lft ur skin redish tone

  10. there’s no such thing as getting rid of oily skin instantly…. its ur type of skin so no matter wht it doesn’t chang instantly it might with time as u grow but u dont do it urself, u reduce the oily but u dont chang the skin sweetie

  11. I really want to follow this, but I am allergic to tea tree oil. How does this affect the routine?

  12. i swear i could look 15 but im 24 . my fukin mother made me used this acne creme which fk my face and now its super oily and very large pores.
    thanks obama
    fucking white people (im adopted and asian)

    i have very2x bad skin >< and people at school always make fun of me
    I'll try this! I suffer since I'm 11-13 cause my face mess with oil and pimples,and such dirty thing on my face //ew
    but-I'll try this out! I almost 14 now!! THANK YOU!
    btw! 1+ likes and +1 subscriber!

  14. I think you not suppose to be putting on toothpaste or raw egg on your skin I think it actually damages your skin

  15. do you have any tips on how to make your hands / finger tips not oily? and I love your videos they’re so great ! also what do lemons do and do they work great on all skin types?