How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin! -Few Tips!

Healthy Skin Tip: If you are prone to acne and blackhead breakouts, you may find this article informative. Acne is quite common, whether you are young or old. Learn the best way to stop acne in its tracks, and have beautiful skin.
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Get rid of dry skin:

Myths about acne:

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  1. You should have more subscribers than juicystar07, you’re amazing! Thank you for sharing! x

  2. @AsomiJeddah I don’t have any acne problems or scarring but I do like to read about different types of skin and skin issues so I try to cover all those types too.. If you have any requests make sure you leave me a comment 😀

  3. @TheTeenOpinion
    maybe a video about how to prevent pimples and how to reduce its growth
    and is bad mode and depression cause acne

  4. also you might have added that people like me who do have oily skin and wash there face a lot might consider some kind of mosturizer that is oil based so that if they do strip their face they can replenish with their mosturizer. I use a basic face mosturizer with oil in it and it helps a lot to reduce the break outs. And I wash/mosturize my face bofore I put on make up so that the makeup doesn’t sit on top of all the oil and dirt I collected while I was sleeping. It helps a lot

  5. @LoveHurts37 But it’s not the kind of oil in the moisturizer that your face needs 😉 Yes! You defenetly should wash your face before you apply makeup 😀 Thanks for wathcing 🙂

  6. Hey there:) I’m the video you mention not to wash your face too often… The problem I have is that I have really really oily skin and about an hour or so after I wash my face and apply moisturizer, it gets oily and greasy again… I live in place where its pretty much sunny everyday so that certainly doesn’t help with my problem… Is there anything you would recommend, like maybe products or a skin care routine for that? 🙂 Love your videos by the way, I subscribed 🙂 xoxo

  7. Thank you!
    Do you use a primer? There are great primers that are made for oily skin to fix that problem.. Also always stick to oil free formulas when buying products! If you still have this problem after using a primer I would suggest using blotting papers everytime you feel oily.. I use them and they are amazing and cheap.. Also using loose powder to set your face might help you too 🙂

  8. These tips are so helpful! But do you have any advice on acne scarring and how to get rid of them? Every time I get a pimple it leaves a scar:( thank you!!! Btw just subscribed 😀