How To Control Oily Skin | Mac Daddyy Makeovers

Healthy Skin Tip: Thiamin is a B vitamin very important in human health. It is extremely important to proper brain and nerve function, in addition to a whole host of poorly defined symptoms like scaly skin. It is found in wheat and rice bran as well as pork, yeast extract, yeast, and oatmeal.
Angel Merino, aka Mac Daddyy, is back talking with another one of our contest winners. Natalie wants to know how to control her oily skin and pick the right foundation.

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  1. Compare the before and after shots on Natalie’s face in fullscreen HD. You can see the after shot has been blurred slightly to trick us into thinking this video is revealing amazing beauty secrets, its obvious around her hairline. Thumbs up to get people to notice this before believing a simple powder will give you the same results!

  2. I’m VERY oily, and that primer didn’t work for me at all. Hourglass Mineral Veil and Smashbox Light primers work great. I also REALLY love Elf’s HD powder. Great for everyday!