Healthy Skin Tip: Licorice root tea is a natural way to keep acid reflux symptoms at bay. The warm, soothing drink will coat your esophagus and stomach in comfort. The licorice itself will help build up the mucal lining of your digestive tract, assisting it in the healing process. Do not try this if you have hypertension, though.
I’m going to show you how to apply makeup to oily skin and make it last all day. If you are dealing with extremely oily skin and want your makeup to last without looking greasy at the end of the day than this video for you! I’m going to share with you some of the steps I take before and after make up application to prevent extra oil production. I hope this helps!

PS you don’t not have to use the products that I used. Just make sure when you are searching for products they are oil free and help in some way to mattify your skin and reduce oil production. Also, make sure the ingredients aren’t too harsh.

Lip color I’m wearing is buxom lip foundation in the colors Nude and Bare

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Final Cut Pro
Editing by : Me 🙂
Camera : Canon 70D
Lights : Ring light


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  1. let me just say, you literally looked like the finished product of a girl on a magazine AFTER they did all the Photoshop touch-ups. in other words, girl you are gorgeous 😍😍😍

  2. i screamed when you just let that water run, lol gurlll turn it off when you don’t get water or while you’re scrubbing your face :3 pls don’t waste water

  3. I know this vid is super old and idk if there’s like, an updated version, but just in case, have you tried the UD All Nighter Liquid Foundation? I’ve heard some mixed reviews about it for oily skin, and I’d love to see you try it out or your rec before splurging on a product I’ll end up hating 🙁