Homemade :Lemon Tomato Mask For Oily Acne_prone Skin

Healthy Skin Tip: It's very important to track what you are eating. A diet full of fatty, sugary, junk foods makes your immune system weaker. Acne is an infection, and it is difficult for your body to successfully combat pimples on a low-quality diet. Skin benefits most from the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, make sure to eat lean meats, and avoid refined sugars like those found in candy and soda. When you choose healthier foods, you provide your body with all of the nutrients that it needs to fight off acne infections.
The acid in both the tomato and
lemon in this mask will work on
acne and blackheads.
more tips..

tomatos are packed with anti -oxidants.

wile lemon juice is used for many consmetic used,
because of its know healing powder, and is also said
to bring a glow to the skin.

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