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Healthy Skin Tip: A good tip that can prevent you from getting acne is to use a brand of sunscreen that has no oils in it. This is especially important if you have oily skin. There are a lot of sunscreens available that are made specifically for people that suffer from acne.
Herbal steam & face pack for oily skin & to prevent pimples.

Vetiver; vetiver powder; white turmeric powder

1. Wash vetiver & soak in drinking water overnight. Keep away the soaked water. Put the soaked vetiver in a steamer & steam ur face for 5 mins. Dip a towel in vetiver soaked water & keep on ur face & relax.

2. Take 1/4 spoon vetiver powder, 1/4 spoon white turmeric powder & mix with drinking water to at thick paste. Wash ur face well & apply this paste. After 15 min, wash with plain water.

Alternate these two ,each day ,for weekly once or twice.

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  1. useful tips. thank you mam. I like all your videos. please give tips for stop hair fall.

  2. hi mam! m from Bangalore. I asked for white turmeric in several Ayurveda shops and also in mangalore store’s, THE VENDORS ARE SHOCKED AND SAID WE DID NOT HEAR TILL DATE 🙁