Healthy Foundation Tips for Oily Skin-Pretty Smart

welcome to another pretty smart video for those you who are new to my channel this is where I do all makeup education based off any topic you guys want to cover all go over it with you but I figure since right now it's summer it'd be a great time to give you guys the best foundation techniques for oily skin because no one wants their face melting off in the hot heat I know especially here in California is boiling so anyways I want to give you guys first your arsenal supplies this is the products that you will need to do these techniques to make your makeup lasts all day regardless of how early your skin is so first product is going to be your clay-based face mask next is a glycolic acid based face toner then you need a mattifying face primer matte foundation blotting sheets or some tissues and loose or pressed face powder alright so what you guys are going to do is the night before you're going to put on a clay based face mask the reason for this is it's going to soak up all that extra oil it's going to prep your skin so that way the next morning when you wake up your face is it too early or too greasy you want to find one that has either kalyan or bentonite clay is in there those are usually best for oily skin it doesn't have to have those just an option for that but use that clay mask put it on after you wash your face you're gonna let it sit for about 10 minutes or so then take a washcloth wet it you're gonna wipe it all off and then you can put on a lightweight oil free moisturizer next up is in the morning when you guys wake up put a toner on find one that has glycolic acid in it because that's going to help your skin from producing even more oil the one you really like is by 2 peter thomas roth you're just gonna wash your face put the toner on with like a cotton swab or like a cleansing pad and then put a lightweight moisturizer all right now we can start putting on our makeup now before you actually put on your foundation or concealer this stuff is so important you guys you want to use a mattifying primer what this is going to do is create a barrier between your skin your makeup so it helps it keep the oil from breaking all that makeup down and start separating throughout the day so after you wash your face put your moisturizer on you'll just put a light layer of that primary let it sit for a minute and then you can put your foundation on ok so now when you put your foundation on you want to choose something that is a matte finish look on the bottle it will say what type of formula is I know l'oreal has one that's really good i think Makeup Forever has won any brand will work whatever you prefer but just make sure that it's a matte finish or if you guys don't like liquid foundation you feels too heavy especially in the summer you can use a mineral makeup instead and just bought that into the skin or take a flat sponge and just Pat all over and you can use that in place of your local foundation now you guys are gonna set your foundation with powder I know this seems like a lot of steps but I promise you guys if you just do thin layers and you start building up and building them up it will last a lot longer but if you use liquid foundation you need to set it with powder so it doesn't melt off you want to take a powder compact and take a flat sit-in sponge you're gonna press it all in the t-zone you don't have to put it all around the edges of your face just in the center where all the oil builds up and then take that compact with you to work so you can touch up throughout the day but again make sure you guys are just putting a little bit on you want just enough to sit on top of that foundation and set it now throughout the day if you guys feel like your skin is still oily and you don't want to put more powder on you can always take on oil blotting sheets or what you can do to save money is take a tissue you're gonna tear it in half so it becomes a one-ply then you're going to Pat it on the center of your face and soak up the oil but make sure you guys don't rub it or smear because i'll take your foundation off you're just going to gently Pat it on top of the skin just to soak up that oil alright so I hope that helps you guys figure out how to make your foundation last throughout the day despite you know being hot as hell outside you need your foundation not to be slipping around but come back in a couple weeks you guys for another pretty smart again post in the comments below what type of topics you guys want me to cover and I will cover it for you and are pretty smart series so thanks for watching guys talk to you later bye.

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