Glossier The Supers Review | Oily Skin

Healthy Skin Tip: If you are one of those people whose skin is peppered with unsightly blackheads or other acne problems, you've come to the right place. Teens experience acne fairly often, but this affliction also troubles some adults. There are many ways to promote healthy skin that is free from breakouts.
In today’s video I’m going to be reviewing the brand new Glossier The Supers serums. I will be sharing my experience with all three serums as someone with oily skin. I will also be sharing some dupes if you can’t get ahold of these.
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  1. i just got the supers about a week ago and i’m already in love with super glow. using 2x a day, i think it really does help even skin tone! i have combo skin and this is the only one i’ve really focused on, in spots where my skin is uneven from prior sun damage. i like how it doesn’t feel like i’ve got anything on my skin, and like you – i feel it is very essence-like. i’ve spent a fortune on skin care the last few years… i’m really curious about the Korean brand you mentioned now, i’ll definitely check them out! thanks for the review 🙂

  2. thank you so much for your review! 💕 now i only have to wait for glossier to start shipping internationally, haha

  3. I got a serum similar to Super Pure (same ingredients – zinc and niacinamide) from a brand called The Ordinary. They are a Canadian brand. The serum was $6 for 1oz with free shipping and no tax. So far I love it! It absorbs quickly, is lightweight and has been helping out my acne. I would highly recommend trying their serums out to see how they mesh with your skin before trying out the Glossier ones, just because they have the same ingredients with a much lower cost. The have ones similar to super bounce and super glow too! Just some options from one skincare lover to others!! Anyways, I love your videos Laura (I’ve become obsessed hehe) please keep making great content! Love you!! <3

  4. I’ve actually heard many poor reviews about It’s Skin and their lack of potent formulas/concentrations :/

  5. Thank you so much for this review!! 💖👌 I also have oily skin and acne in the chin and jawline region 🙁

  6. I was looking for this video and found out you have a channel in spanish too? I think that’s really cool, I just subscribed! Hi from San Diego 👋🏼☀️

  7. Can you use the super bounce on your skin when you don’t have any blemishes or is it mainly for when you have a blemish and it gets rid of it?

  8. I heard super pure is really harsh and I want to try it on my oil/redness prone skin… has anyone else tried it and liked it?

  9. This was so helpful because I have super oily skin too. I already bought the whole pack just because I didn’t want it to run out again and I was a little bit scared of the effects that it could have with my oil. I’m so glad I can upon your video because now I know that it won’t be much of a problem, I’m definitely subscribing!!!

  10. Would you recommend the skin tint and concealer in shade light or medium for someone with a nc20/25 skin tone?

  11. What time of day would you recommend using each of the Glossier serums? Also, how often do you use them?

  12. Thanks for the review! I’m also from San Diego and it sounds like we have the same skin type! I’ve been on the fence about these since I heard mixed reviews but I’ve loved everything I’ve ordered from Glossier so far so can’t wait to give these a try 🙂

  13. Hey girl, it’s super cool to see youtubers who are san diegan/mexicanas haha I was wondering if you could recommend any moisturizers with spf for oily/combination skin? thank you!

  14. I have really bad post acne scars and hyper pigmentation. Do you think if I invest in super pure it’ll help to fade it?

  15. Thank you!!! I needed confirmation on these serums m, I now know which serum is best suited to me! Loved the vid, first video and I have subscribed!! You’re beautiful and generally give me a happy vibe I love it :)) <333

  16. This is soooo helpful and i really love your voice and how you explain things to us. I’ve just watched 2 of your vids and new subscriber’s here ;D

  17. my mom has a lot of age spots and hyper pigmentation on her cheeks, would the super glow with vitamin C help her?

  18. do you think they are worth the money? I might want to get some its just so expensive….