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Healthy Skin Tip: Hydration is extremely important. Drinks that contain caffeine and sugar do not hydrate your body; stick with pure water. Drinking water is a better alternative. If you want to drink something besides water, get a home juicer and make your own juice. Juice you make yourself is full of vitamins and has far more benefits that what you'd buy in the store.
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  1. My eye lids tend to get super oily after a couple of hours in the summer and in the winter after a few hours (4-5) 🙁 i almost can’t wear dramatic eye makeup that i love because it creases like crazy! any suggestions on what would be the best solution for me? or what looks are best for girls with the same problem? thanks! hope to hear back from you.

  2. After watching this video I tried out your tips….Let me just say that my skin is awesome…Your tips really work….I use the clay mask twice a day…My skin has become for firm and the texture has changed for the better…Thanks….

  3. Hi! I’m a new sub…I love your style and makeup tips. Cant wait to watch your other videos. where to get the mint nulep face mask and that toner from?

  4. Glycolic makes your skin more sensitive to the sun just fyi so you should def use a sunscreen too if you can

  5. How can you tell if your skin is oily or just dehydrated? My skin is super oily but sometimes I have dry patches. I’ve tried the clay mask it irritated my skin.

  6. *I still always end up with cakey under eyes which looks horrible! Do you have any advice for me especially with the cakey under eyes. Thanks SO much!!

  7. Your makeup looks absolutely beautiful here! Could we have a tutorial for this, it’s such a soft summery glowing look xx

  8. makeup Geek u r very beautiful with or without makeup, ommmaaaaa
    god blessing you always

  9. this has really helped me. I was having a horrible time this summer.

    do you think you could do a video on moisturizers? just all types for different skin types and list out like high end and cheaper ones? just for options.

  10. Marlena, I love your hair and you are looking so great these days! My question for you is can we use the clay mask the morning of instead of the night before? Thanks so much, keep up the great work and awesome videos. Sending light and love! =)

  11. I hate that my makeup hates my oil….BUT, I LOVE that oily skin maintains its elasticity so it stays looking young much longer. Silver lining……I’m 32 and people think I’m 20 in my pics. I had someone accuse me of using my high school pics for my profile. lol! Nope!

  12. I think it’s so funny when makeup gurus who live in CA are like, “here in CA where it’s so hot and your makeup melts off your face…” Have you ever lived or visited anywhere in the Southeast? Wanna talk about makeup melting off your face!

  13. Hi, I’m new to the makeup world and was wondering what foundation to start off with. My nose area gets SUPER oily but the rest of my face is dry and lacks moisture. Also I exfoliate my face a lot because I noticed when putting on makeup my face always looks cakey, but it still comes out looking strange. Have any tips?

  14. I really enjoy your videos & love your favorites! thanks for always sharing and also thanks for always swatching! 😊

  15. ive tried different kind of matte primers but they don’t seem to do anything for my face. i had normal skin and have no idea why a couple of years back i started having very oily skin. i dont use moisturizer cuz doesn’t that add more oil to your face?? it doesn’t make sense to me. i think you are beautiful and do a great job with your make up but on this vidoe i think you needed to blend your under eye a little more. the highlight doesn’t look natural