Easy Photoshop Tips: Mattify Shiny Skin

Healthy Skin Tip: Use a home-made clay mask to soothe and heal your skin. Clay masks can be used for all skin types. You can get a basic green clay from your local health-food store, this is called bentonite clay. Add water or milk to the clay, which comes in a powder form, to create a mask that is the consistency of lotion.
This is quick and easy way to get rid of shiny skin in photos

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  1. Holy chit, I have been hating PS for 3 years because I could not figure this out. I had no idea it could be this easy, finally a tip that makes sense to us older guys thanks so so much 😛

  2. I used the technique on one image and it worked great, but when I’ve tried it on another image when I paint, it literally distorts the image rather than just painting over the shine. I’m using CS4 Extended, but don’t think that’s the problem since it did work correctly on the first image I tried. Thoughts?

  3. Those 53 thumbs-down are from those who haven’t mastered this for their own face 😉 Thanks for a great tutorial!