EASY ACNE CLEANSER! | Natural Treatment For Acne & Oily Skin

Healthy Skin Tip: The kind of food that you eat matters. Foods that contain empty calories do not provide the nutrients that your body needs to combat acne. Eating healthy foods like vegetables and lean meats helps your body's immune system stay strong and maintain healthy skin.
Got oats? Got water? Hey presto, you have this cleanser!
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Hey guys!

A quickie cleanser video for you today! This is something I learned from Bubz Beauty a little while ago. At first I was like “Pfft, wut? Really?” and then I tried it. I was very surprised, and very happy with the results! It gives me smoother skin, less break-outs, and helps with my super oily skin. It definitely helps to refresh the face and wake you up in the morning, too!

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I’m an Australian currently living in Japan, and loving it! My channel has loads of DIY videos relating to acne and acne scarring, because that is something I have suffered with for many years (and continue to suffer with). I decided to turn my negatives into positives, and share what I’d learned about this skin condition with all of you. So if you’re new to my channel and wondering why there’s so many videos about skin care, that’s why!

These days however, my focus has changed. I was accepted to the JET Programme in 2014, and my new life chapter began! I’m currently living in a semi-rural prefecture, as an ALT at 3 senior high schools. I drive a lot, go out a lot, and enjoy living my life in gorgeous Japan. I’m now kind of a J-Vlogger, showing you my everyday life in my weekly vlogs. But I also want to keep the essence of my original channel purpose, too, so that’s why there are additional weekly videos about skin care, beauty and life in Japan. Hope this clears some things up, and gives all you cutie newbies some info about me too! Thanks for tuning in, and please feel free to message me any time on my various social links. Cheers!

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Xx Jess

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  1. Great Jess, I’m gonna try it, I particularly like the technical terminology of this program! ‘Mush’ I reckon you have nailed it! Xxx

  2. OMG! You look so much more beautiful with out the harsh makeup. It could be the lipstick but when you too off your makeup I was pleasantly surprised.

  3. Thanks soo much for this video, you really helped me. I have a question to you: Is yogurt good for acne. Plz answer <3

  4. I have oatmeal on my face right now!  I’ve been using it for over a year as a cleanser and it’s really helped my skin clear up.  I grind mine in the blender to make the flakes smaller so it’s less messy.  Sometimes I leave it to dry so it really sops up all the day’s oil and then I wash it off and my skin is soft and happy and clean!  And then I smear a cucumber slice on my skin or spray cucumber juice.  I keep it in a little spray bottle in the fridge and it’s ahhhhh-mazing!

  5. i have been dealing with acne for a long time now.
    Some days my skin is okay then the next it is horrid! 🙁
    I literally spend all day searching for remedies to do at home.
    I recently bought a acne cleanser from clean and clear and it gave me a really bad allergic reaction it was so bad i had to throw it away!
    I am going to try this!
    I have some like 3 or 4 acne scars i hate it.
    Please give me advice!
    – Maria
    Washington State.

  6. Acne all starts from your digestion guys, if your body isn’t properly eliminating toxins it will show through your skin. Some foods aren’t meant for everybody, everyone’s body is different. Like a lot of people, I found that my body did not agree with gluten and dairy. They were toxic to my body. Change your diet, change your skin, change your life. Watch my video on my channel on how I cured my acne completely. It’s all in the diet. 

  7. If I have worn makeup and wanna do this. Should I cleanse my face with something else then do this method ? I wanna make sure I get all of my makeup removed. Before doing so.

  8. after cleansing this face mask, can i use soap after 1 hour …becoz my skin feels oily after couple of hours…

  9. HELP ! I want to blend oatmeal it becomes powder. Will it still work the same and still exfoliate my skin ?