Do You Know Ur Skin Type? | How To Find Our Skin Type | Oily Dry Sensitive Skin L Tamil Beauty Tips

Healthy Skin Tip: One tip regarding good skin care is to always hydrate your skin when it is wet, by doing that you will lock in the moisture and reap huge rewards. Applying your moisturizer directly after your shower or bath is the best time, your skin will thank you for it by looking and feeling great.
How to find our Skin types
Ways to find skin type
Oily skin
Sensitive skin
Dry skin
Combination skin

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  1. ani I like ur voice.ani 1st informationkaga video parthen. 2end unga voicekaga ma parthen

  2. mdm ennoda skin type sensitv skin. ethume use pannelathu. enakku set aaha koodiya cream, facial iteams ethu endu knjm tell me plz

  3. melacare cream use pandra athu problem nu thaerinjum aana na atha use panni eppo sema colour aayiten ipo na adha use pandratha virutana colour poidum ellaru kaeka arambichiduvanga enna ku sikkarama colour agara thukku oru ni8 cream sollunga mam sikkarama plzzzzzzzzz$$$$$

  4. oil face enna seiyanum. naan enna cream use panninalum.pimple varuthu.athukku enna solutions

  5. anitha. enaku oil skin or combination skin ah seriya therila … but pimples athigama varuthu … athuku enna panna lam and best wash sollunga . and pimples epdi poga vaikarathu nu sollunga

  6. I don’t knw found my skin type my nose became so oily
    but I have pimples nd marks

  7. mam yenaku adikadi mouth suthi dry aagi black aaiduthu mam. athuku nan yena seyanum? yethavathu lotion use panlama