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Want GLOWING and dewy makeup without looking like an oil slick?! This dewy makeup tutorial for oily skin also works for ocmbination skin types and did not budge all day. You may need to blot once or twice but it will hold up pretty well if you follow these glowing makeup tutorial tips! I used “cheap” AKA drugstore friendly products to get this look!

P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
NYX Angel Veil Primer
Sacha Buttercup Powder
Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation (cocoa)
NYX Foundation Brush
NYX HD Concealer (nutmeg)
Black Opal Black Walnut Stick Foundation
e.l.f. Sponge Trio
LA Girl Brow Pencil
LA Girl Pro Conceal “Fawn”
NYX Eyeshadow Blending Brush
Pixi X itsjudytime Shadow Palette
e.l.f. Buffing Brush
SheaMoisture Bronzer can’t find it only anymore -__-
e.l.f. Ultimate Kabuki Brush
Milani Romantic Rose Blush
NYX Gold Glitter (bronze)
Bahi “Aina” Lash
NYX Liquid Illuminator (sun goddess)
Morphe 529 Highlight Brush
LA Girl Strobe Lite
Pixi Contour Palette
e.l.f. Beauty Shield Mist (sign up to be notified when available)
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme (london)
Colourpop “My Jam” Gloss

D I S C O U N T C O D E S:

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  1. You are a beautiful woman Jackie. I have been subscribed to you for a long time & you have done some really gorgeous looks, but something about this one….. 😫 IT’S SO BAD BEAUTIFUL ON YOU!!!! You look magnificent! 😍😍😍

  2. perfect for the type of look im going for right now but having a hard time achieving. thank you! im gonna go try that foundation

  3. I have an extremely oily skin and i don’t put highlighter.. EVER.. but istg i have a glow at my cheekbones to my eyebrows bone and everything lol sometimes i think god really love me to give me a natural highlight bc he know that i can’t afford a fucking highlighter xD or maybe he hate me…..

  4. My LA concealer as a foundation is my FAVORITE “foundation” it makes me look so fucking smooth like the top of those kings Hawaiian rolls. Just soft and brown

  5. I called it you contoured your nose 😂 I said it was gonna be a matter of time just like lashes!! #snatched

  6. When your skin is dry as a desert, but you watch this video anyway because of Jackie

  7. Lmao the shade with the Shea Moisture bronzer. 😭😭😹 girl don’t feel bad I’m using the rest of my Shea Moisture items and then I’m not buying anymore lol.

  8. Hey, I know you get a ton a comments and you might not see mine but as a brown woman with oily skin myself, your youtube channel has helped me so much!!! I love makeup and because of your tips and products reviews my makeup now last all day and does not look like I’m about to fry chicken on my forehead! Thank you again!!

  9. could you do impressions on the brand glossier, it came out like three years ago it likes a -cult brand- but I’ve only heard about it now since its arriving to the uk and i haven’t seen anyone of dark skin try it out yet!

  10. Jackie hi! I want to find that beauty commercial you did with Christen Dominique and another youtuber, you were wearing pink hair and you looked fabulous! Can you help?

  11. Gorgeous look! Not something I’ll do personally because I hate the dewy look on my oily skin, but great tutorial nonetheless!

  12. the nose contour also looks good and subtle. some of these girls just walk around with two dark lines & a white stripe down the bridge of their nose and it looks so tacky which is why i’m usually not a fan.

  13. This video made me laugh so much😹 you always do! thanks Jackie for being so real!

  14. I love it! That copper highlight! And that metallic gloss?!?!? Beeeeehhhhhhby!?!? You look beautiful. I’m glad you mentioned some new black owned lashes! Speaking of black owned, have you tried the Mented nude lipsticks? If not…..can you? Lol. Good job another great video! 😘😘😘