Black Hair Growth Tips, Kids Hair Tips, And Oily Skin Tip

Healthy Skin Tip: When it comes using scrubs on acne, refrain from using harsh scrubs. It is perfectly fine for you to exfoliate the area, but make sure you use scrubs that are gentle and have small, smooth granules. You should avoid those which contain apricot shell pieces or almonds.
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Just talking about Black hair growth tips while you wear a weave, kids hair tips regarding products, and oily skin care tips, which make up to use.

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  1. @rachealserious123 hey im 13 too and im going through the same problems, plus my mom dont like me buying products too, i need serious help with my hair

  2. @HappiiSmiles316 no thats actually a myth. Truth is the hair just grew because your friend left it alone and had a style with minimum maintence.

  3. @victo963 Well darling it depends on how you like to wear your hair. Me, I workout alot, so I just put braids in because I really didn’t have time to deal with my hair. But either way is fine. But for African American hair, when you are trying to grow it out, protective styles are best. For example, braids, sew in weaves, conrows etc. As long as they are not to tight and you keep your hair moistorized and cleansed, you should be fine. Let me know what you decide to do.


  4. @princeton123able I personally only keep mine in for a month….but that’s just me I switch my hair up a lot.

  5. you look so much better as if your growing and I noticed you have great confidence and that adds to your beauty keep it up you look like a true grown woman Keep the videos comming girl!!!!!!!!