Healthy Skin Tip: Drinking the right amount of fluids keeps you hydrated and healthy. Many people try to use beverages like soda to keep themselves hydrated, but they do not realize that caffeine and sugar inhibit the process. Water is always the best choice when trying to stay hydrated. If you don't really like water, try to drink fresh juice. Freshly prepared juices are far more healthy than anything you will find on the shelves at the grocery store, and will also benefit your skin.
Hey ladies I decided to film a beauty basics series to talk more about the products we use and also share some tips on how I slay…I hope you enjoy this..lots of love..xx

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  1. Wa ya diyer paaa – you are new to youtube but i predict at least have a millioin subs by 2017. Keep on doing what you are doing. I will tell my friends to sub. Underneath each video and on your actual youtube page (since currently there is no profile there) Dont forget to put a summary of yourself (just 3 lines) and where you from, city you live, camera use, software you use to edit , social media links etc that way you dont get repeated questions of the same question- besides people like to know who they are watching – not all the way personal but a lil intro so folks can relate to you. And dont worry about your uhmmm, we are ghanaians thats just how we speak, folks can take it or leave it 🙂 🙂 🙂 representing for us chocolate sisters. Melanin Poppin.