Ask Bubz: Acne Scars, Large Pores, Oily Skin, Beauty Foods & More!

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Hello my pixies!

It’s time for another Ask Bubz video (Beauty edition). This time, I’ll be answering your SKINCARE questions. First of all, thank you so much to everybody who submited your beauty questions. Instead of answering both makeup AND skincare questions in one video – I decided to separate them so I’ll be answering makeup related questions for the next Ask Bubz video.

Questions I’ll be answering in the video include:
1. How can I minimise my large pores?
2. How can I prevent my skin getting oily?
3. How can I fade my acne scars?
4. Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid? Which is better for acne?
5. Can you share some foods that is good for the skin?
6. Advice for dry/sensitive skin?
7. Is makeup bad for my skin?

I picked out the most commonly asked/thumbed up questions. No worries because I will hopefully make more of these videos to answer more of your questions.

Please ask your Makeup-related questions in the comment section below ^_^

I hope you guys found the video helpful. Your questions are super important to me and answering them in a form of a video allows me to reach out on a bigger scale rather than repeating myself various times through email and comments.

Remember, I’m not a doctor/dermatologist so I only answer based on little things I know. Please don’t hesitate to see an actual skin specialist for in-depth skin advice.

Ps. Sorry if my face appears a bit white-ish. I was out with my granny in the sun so I wore my BB cream with super spf. Then I got home and filmed (but I used my lighting system which really reflected the light particles making my face look even whiter XD).

Off to bed now! Have to wake up early tomorrow ^_^

Much love, Bubz xx

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  1. While watching this video I was drinking green tea and then she mentioned green tea and I was like “hellll yeah! Way ahead of you!!” XD

  2. Does large pores result in foundation seperating on nose Nd make the pores look huge?? I am using retina a to shrink large pores… Do u think it ll work???

  3. +bubzbeauty dear bubz, I checked my cleanser and realised that my cleanser did not contain salicylic acid…so I’m wondering if I should change a cleanser(I’m currently using follow me UV Aqua white cleanser and I actualIy feel that my cleanser is kind of creamy…I used to use a cleanser from biore btw) and I wanna ask if pokka green tea is a good choice of green tea because I usually drink pokka green tea and I don’t really buy tea bag green teas…

  4. I have scar on my cheek plz I need help ,it destroys me and I look ugly when I have scar on my face ,plz be a friend and help me thank u😂😃

  5. *Maxelder argan cream has always been one of my favorite essential creams, I used it for my cuticles and for dark spots and has always helped. I get acne one those days of the month and this has just been a complete life saver. It also has helped me with clearing out acne scars which is a bonus. Highly recommend w……nyarganoil….c*

  6. +buzbeauty plz tell me some remedy plzz I have severe blackheads problem plz tell I beg u .. ;( ;(

  7. every time i look at the mirror i see my oily skin, big pores, acne scars and pimples… and it makes me feel ugly..

  8. salicylic acid never been works for my skin. i used about a month and my acne just come and go, its just the same as i’m not using any acne treatment. but benzoyl peroxide hands down, the best for my skin. i used it at night, i woke up and all the bumps going down. in one night. ;-;

  9. my pores became more opened because i used cocoa butter. The dermathologist told me to use either neutrogena grapefruit acne wash with salacylic acid 2% or retinol 0.01 %

  10. what is best cleanser for acne skin and skin with scares ?along with moisturizer ? face mask ? so that akin can be cleared and good.

  11. Neither salicylic acid nor benzoyl peroxide really worked for me.. tea tree oil’s where it’s at! But even that’s starting to not work as well now though.. guess my skin just gets used to stuff relatively fast?

  12. I have really b ad acne. It will be clear for a while then pop up and multiply.
    I have been struggling with clearing it up. …I began *using Maxelder argan cream ( i found it w.. ..nyarganoil ….c )* and I have seen immediate results…I cleaned my face re a lly well before bed and applied the cream to my breakout spot.
    The n e xt morning, my acne spots had reduced. I have been using it for 4 days and my acne is almost göne…Maxelder argan cream was the breakthrough I needed. I am so amazed.