Amazing Pearl Facial At Home In Tamil Beauty Tips In Tamil Language

Healthy Skin Tip: To give your skin a healthy glow, get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. Exercise improves your circulation, and helps oxygen to flow to your face. If your circulation is poor, you may look washed out and tired. Regular exercise will keep your face looking as healthy as the rest of you.
Facial at Home in Tamil Beauty Tips in Tamil language by Jessie Evangelin

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facial exercises,
facial exercises for chubby cheeks,
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facial expressions and body language,
facial extraction,
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  1. ama sis ya face kuda oil la erku ready Ana Ana mariye erathuku pls yethathu solunga sis pls

  2. hair romba vedichu eruku romba kottuthu enna panna dear.i have a one baby…en baby poranthu ku aftr tha romba kottuthu….tell something.

  3. black marksku yedhum cream podalama…..nenga potato manjal poda sonniga yedhachu cream iruka….honey

  4. Hi sis, i am jeevitha Kunguma poo ilainalum other ingrediants matum vachu use panlama

  5. mam Enna shampoo use panalam face ku ethavathu cream use panalamaa Na entha cream use panra Thu illa neenga ethavathu sollunga

  6. hi jessy enaku shopla vangara alovera gel workout agala alovera chedi taan nalla different teriyutu so veetlaye alovera gel epadi seiratunu sollunga plz

  7. pimples marks dark ah irukku ennoda skin romba dull ah irukku enna cream use pannalam

  8. amam akka dandruff eruku.patanjali aloe vera shampoo and parachute hair oil use pandra akka.pls help pannunga sisy

  9. hi akka naan whitning cream use panni skinla rompa alergy aakittu. eantha cream eatuvum answar tharuthilla. nalla tips eathaavathu sollunka akka pls.

  10. hi, suggest morning/night skin care routine for pimple/dark circles/dark spot skin… my skin is combination skin… give some suggestions…

  11. I tried this face pack yesterday night I got Little bright face at morning… but I didn’t get much bright like u god 😩😩

  12. hello, Mam.. your tip’s are so helpful..please give tips for upper lips darkness

  13. hi sis kadala maavu kooda ena mix pani face wash pananum sis.. enaku face full ah pimple Vara start aiduche ethachi tips solunga plsss sis….